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Yarway Hy-Drop Throttling Valve Yarway Hy-Drop® Throttling Valve

Yarway Hy-Drop® Throttling Valve
Hy-Drop Throttling Valve

Valves used for throttling services have always been subject to rapid deterioration in the form of erosion, cavitation damage, and wiredrawing of vital parts. Even venturi valves and other special configurations are vulnerable.

The Hy-Drop® Throttling Valve embodies a unique concept, which so controls the destructive forces inherent in high-pressure-drop service that deterioration of parts is virtually eliminated. Rapid energy dissipation is essential to the throttling process, and the Hy-Drop® valve actually encourages this at the same time containing its destructivecapability.

The basis for this concept is in the configuration of the flow path as determined by the shape of the valve disc and seat. Fluid flowing through the annulus between disc and cylindrical seat accelerates smoothly until it reaches the blunt end of the disc. At this point, the flow area increases abruptly at its center and the resulting pressure drop at the core of the flow path causes rapid expansion of the fluid toward the core. Thus, the essential vaporization and turbulence occur at the center, within a layer of unvaporized fluid which continues to flow along, and protect, the sleeve wall.

With this configuration, the vaporization process is so efficient that the vapor formed is momentarily super-saturated and the remaining liquid subcooled, until equilibrium is re-established a short distance down the sleeve passage.

Dual range throttling - Primary range plus a super capacity blast range.
Rapid energy dissipation - Controls the destructive forces inherent in high pressure drop service.
Accurate and repeatable settings - Micrometer dial assures setting accuracy and positive resetting capability.
Quick-change disc - Insert an interchangeable stem-disc into the same valve body to convert from one orifice size to another.
Guided-disc - Eliminates disc vibration and chatter.
Dual-purpose disc - Separate surfaces for shutoff and throttling.
Stellite seat - Resists corrosion and wiredrawing.
In-line repair - Yarway reseating too can be used to cut a new seat in-line.
• Available in ASME SA-182 Grade F22 or ASME SA-105 body material.

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Cat #Rating
5817-F221990 psig @ 1000°F
5827-F223310 psig @ 1000°F
5817-A1052910 psig @ 800°F
5827-A1054625 psig @ 800°F
Parts and Materials:   
Description: Material:
Body: ASME SA-182 Grade F22 or ASME SA-105
Gland: AISI 4140
Indicator: Aluminum
ASTM A582 Type 416
Stuffing Box Bushing: AISI 410
Packing: Garlock 98 and Graph Lock
Indicator Bushing: AISI 416
Split Gland Bushing: AISI 1215
Yoke Bushing: ASTM B371 UNS C69400
Yoke: ASME SA-182 Grade F22
T-Handle: ASTM A-47 Grade 32510
Carbon Steel
Hex Nut: Low Carbon Steel
Washer: Carbon Steel
Indicator Scale and Nameplate: AISI 302
Spring: Inconel® X
Hex Nut: ASME SA-194 Grade 2H
Swing Bolt: ASME SA-193 Grade B7
Swing Bolt Pin: AISI 6150 or 8740
Disc: AMS-5385 (Stellite No. 21)
Seat: AMS-5387 (Stellite No. 6)

The Hy-Drop® Throttling Valve is designed for continuous blowdown, but also works well for sampling, high pressure vents, boiler feed pump bypass relief, high pressure drop services associated with erosive and wiredrawing characteristics—or where  velocity is sufficient to destroy valves of conventional globe or even venturi designs.

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