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Hancock 8130 Instrument Needle Valve

Instrument Needle Valve

Forged Steel Class 2500 Instrument Needle Valve.

• Top entry design, allows parts removal without removing valve from line.
• One-pliece forged body, no gasket leaks.
• Integral hardened seats.
• Heavy duty, forged one-piece yoke for maximum rigidity.
• One-piece forged gland flange allows for packing replacements without disassembling valve.
• Corrosion resistant trim.
• Available in socket weld and threaded ends for pressures up to 6000 psig at 100ºF.

Pressure Ratings:
ASME/ANSI 1690 Limited Class
ASME/ANSI 2680 Limited Class
ASME/ANSI 4500 Limited Class

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5
Table 1Nominal Valve Size
Table 2Valve Type Number
8130Instrument Needle Valve, No Bonnet, OS&Y
Table 3End Connection
SThreaded End
WSocket End
Table 4Design Change Number
Table 5Material Combination Suffix
NoneF6a Body, SA 105 Yoke, 13 Cr. Trim
-2476316 Body, F6a Yoke, 13 Cr. Trim
Materials of Construction:
Part: Material: Specification:
Body Forged Steel SA182 Gr. F6a
Yoke Forged Steel SA105 (Phosphated)
Stem Stainless Steel 410 Stainless Steel
Packing Gland Flange Carbon Steel A105 Carbon Steel (Phosphated)
Packing Gland Bolt Stainless Steel 410 Stainless Steel, Cadmium Plated
Packing Gland Bolt Nut Stainless Steel Steel, Cadmium Plated
Packing Stop Ring Stainless Steel 410 Stainless Steel
Thread Bushing Stainless Steel 410 Stainless Steel
Packing Compressed Graphite Corrosion Inhibited
Packing Gland Bolt Pin Stainless Steel 410 Stainless Steel
Handwheel Ductile Iron (Phosphated) ASTM A47 Gr. B7
Handwheel Nut Steel Lock-Type
Yoke Cap Screw Alloy Steel ASTM A47 Gr. B7
Marker Plate Etched Aluminum Commercial
Drive Screw Steel Commercial
Packing Gland Stainless Steel 410 Stainless Steel

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