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Maxitrol Model BV250 Manual Ball Valves

Manual Ball Valves
Model BV250

Ball valves from Maxitrol for gas, water, oil, steam and other applications have a strong body of forged brass, female NPT inlet and outlet, hard chrome plated ball, and anticorrosion Dacromet treated handle. BV602 models contain seats of Buna N, and are of one-piece construction. BV250 models contain seats of PTFE (Teflon®), and are of two-piece construction.Each of the two standard models is equipped with a different lever style handle (see reverse).

A Self Locking Nut improves reliability between the stem and lever by providing additional stability against vibrations. In addition to the seal created by the ORing, a PTFE anti-thrust washer seals against the shoulder of the valve.

The valves also feature innovative designs of the ball and seat. The hollow ball design is based on R&D lab work and years of field experience. Manufacture of the hollow ball requires a technical level not found in most substitutes. Heavier is not necessarily better, in fact the lighter ball decreases wear associated with on-off turning action. Typically the greatest friction loss takes place at the point of highest gravitational force. The lighter hollow ball increases the life of the valve seats from 10% to 20% more than with a solid ball. The valves are manufactured with a unique new seat shape to reduce friction during opening and closing. Compared with other seat shapes the maneuver torque is reduced 20% to 40%. S-model valves have side pressure taps (602S-44 shown).

• Self locking nut
• PTFE anti-thrust washer
• Hollow ball design
• Reduced torque required
• Increased seat life

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Cat #ΔP1” w.c.ΔP .3” w.c.Size
BV250T-22214(6.06)117 (3.31)1/4”
BV250-33335(9.49)183.5 (5.20)3/8”
BV250-44541.3(15.33)296.5 (8.40)1/2”
BV250-661245.9(35.28)682.4 (19.32)3/4”
BV250-88** or 602S-881523(43.13)834 (23.62)1”
BV250-10102334(66.09)1278 (36.19)1 1/4”
BV250-12124756(134.68)2605 (73.77)1 1/2”
BV250-16166503.7(184.17)3562 (100.87)2”
BV250-202014508.7(410.85)7947(225.04)2 1/2”

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