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Optoisolated Relays

The optoisolated series of relays may be used when the controller does not have sufficient coil drive power available to energize a relay of the desired contact rating. The power to energize the relay can be brought to the relay on a separate pair of wires along with the control output of the controller, or can be a local power source near the relay.

The voltage output of the controller is used to turn on an optoisolator that connects the power source to the coil of the relay. The optoisolator isolates the Class 2 output of the controller from potential feedback and voltage transients. Using this approach, an LED output, or low current analog output, of a controller can be used to control up to a double pole 20 Amp relay with a 3 horsepower rating. Optoisolated relays are available in T and Panel style.

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Cat #ACRelaysContactsResistiveMotorBallastTungstenPilot Duty.Override SwitchGold FlashAC/DCCONTROL VOLTAGE AC/DC
RIBTELC1SPDT10A1/3 HP480VA600W480VA10-305-25
RIBTELS1SPDT10A1/3 HP480VA600W480VA110-305-25
RIBTE24B1SPDT20A2 HP20A1200W1110VA245-25
RIBTE01B1201SPDT20A2 HP20A1200W1110VA5-25
RIBTE02B208-2771SPDT20A2 HP20A1200W1110VA5-25
RIBTE24SB1SPDT20A2 HP20A1200W1110VA1245-25
RIBTE01SB1201SPDT20A2 HP20A1200W1110VA15-25
RIBTE02SB208-2771SPDT20A2 HP20A1200W1110VA15-25
RIBTE24P1DPDT20A3 HP20A1640VA245-25
RIBTE01P1201DPDT20A3 HP20A1640VA5-25
RIBTE02P208-2771DPDT20A3 HP20A1640VA5-25
RIBME2401B1201SPDT20A2 HP20A1200W1110VA245-25
RIBME2402B208-2771SPDT20A2 HP20A1200W1110VA245-25
RIBME2401SB1201SPDT20A2 HP20A1200W1110VA245-25
RIBME2402SB208-2771SPDT20A2 HP20A1200W1110VA1245-25
RIBME2401P1201DPST20A3 HP20A1640VA1245-25
RIBME2402P208-2771DPST20A3 HP20A1640VA245-25
Control Voltage AC/DC: 5-25
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