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Honeywell 220738A Adapter Bracket

Adapter Bracket

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Cat #Used WithDescriptions
220738AMod IV Actuator to match shaft height of Mod III ActuatorAdjusts shaft height to match M741B
Application Type Electro-mechanical
Dimensions, Approximate: 6 7/16 in. high x 5 3/16 in. wide x 2 1/8 in. deep (164 mm high x 132 mm wide x 54 mm deep)
Auxiliary Switch Ratings AFL - 120 Vac: 9.8 A
Auxiliary Switch Ratings ALR - 120 Vac: 58.8A
Auxiliary Switch Ratings AFL - 240 Vac: 4.90A
Auxiliary Switch Ratings ALR - 240 Vac: 29.4A
Electrical Connections: Screw terminals
Mounting: Cover or gear end
Weight: 2.5 lb
Canadian Standards Association: Certified: File No. LR1620
Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Listed File: E4436, Guide: XAPX2

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