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Dwyer Series FTS Thermal Flow and Temperature Switch

Thermal Flow and Temperature Switch
Series FTS

Series FTS Thermal Flow Switch is especially designed, for all types of cooling systems, as a reliable alternative to failure prone mechanical flow switches.

The Thermal Flow Switch continually samples the temperature of the coolant and adjusts the low flow setpoint automatically, providing a solid state switch should the coolant flow rate fall below the setpoint value. In addition, the Thermal Flow Switch will provide an alarm output should the coolant temperature rise above acceptable levels. You have double protection with the FTS.

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Cat #Temp. Set PointSensor Length (L)
FTS-AS122°F (50°C)1/2˝ (12.7 cm)
FTS-AL122°F (50°C)2˝ (50.8 cm)
FTS-BS158°F (70°C)1/2˝ (12.7 cm)
FTS-BL158°F (70°C)2˝ (50.8 cm)
Service Water based liquids
Low Flow Set Point .4 m/s (1.2 fps) (water related) typical
Temperature Set Point 122°F (50°C) or 158°F (70°C), other settings possible on OEM demand
Response Time 5 to 10 seconds
Pressure Limit 150 psi (10 bar)
Process Connection 1/2˝ male NPT
Power Requirement 18-30 VDC
Switch Type PNP N.O. (switch closes with flow)

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