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Fireye MODULAR M-SERIES II Modular M-Series II

Modular M-Series II

Fireye® Modular M-Series II Flame Safeguard Controls are compact, modular burner management systems. They are designed to provide automatic ignition and continuous flame monitoring for commercial sizes of heating and process burners that use gas and/or light oil fuels. Flame monitoring is accomplished by miniature UV scanners or Flame Rod detectors and plug-in amplifier and programmer modules which connect into a standard chassis and wiring base. Interchangeable programmer and amplifier modules allow for complete versatility in selection of control function, timing, and flame scanning means. Functions such as relight, two stage capability, nonrecycle air flow, purge timing, and pilot cutoff are determined by the programmer module. Type of flame scanner (UV or Flame Rod) and Flame Failure Response Time (F.F.R.T.) are determined by the amplifier module.

• Interchangable programmer and amplifier modules
• Two stage capability non-recycle air flow
• Purge timing

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Cat #Wiring Bases
61-3060Closed wiring base for surface mtg., use with M-Series II and MicroM.
61-5042Open wiring base for cabinet mtg., use with M-Series II and MicroM.

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