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Precision Digital PD697 Loop-Powered Flow Rate/Totalizers

Loop-Powered Flow Rate/Totalizers

Non-Volatile Memory 
All programming and total values are stored in non-volatile memory. This means that the total will remain in memory for a minimum of ten years even if power is removed from the unit.Unlike some brands, these totalizers do NOT require a battery so you don’t need to worry about losing valuable information when power is lost.

Totalizes All the Time 
No need to worry about missing some counts. These totalizers will continue to count and totalize even while in the calibration or setup mode. So if you need to change the cutoff value and you can’t stop the flow, go right ahead, the meter will still totalize in the background.

Alternating Rate/Total Display 
These totalizers can be programmed so the display automatically changes between displaying rate and total every 10 seconds. This feature is particularly useful if the meters are mounted inside a NEMA 4X or an explosion-proof enclosure.

Lockout and Menu-Title Disabling 
The ability to modify programming values can be restricted by installing the lockout jumper on JP1. When installed the Lockout Jumper disables the user’s ability to program the following functions: CALIB, CUTOFF, FILTER, TBASE, TOT CF, TOT DP, and PULSE. In addition the following menu titles can be toggled On/Off when the lockout jumper is installed: DSPY T, DSPY R, and RSET T.

Isolated Open Collector Pulse Output 
This feature will produce one pulse output per a given number of counts (user select). For example, these meters can be programmed to produce one pulse for every 500 gallons totalized. This output can be sent to a PLC or a counter.

Square Root Extraction 
The square root extraction feature displays flow rate by extracting the square root from a differential pressure transmitter signal. The user selectable low-flow cutoff feature gives a reading of zero when the flow rate drops below a user selectable set point.
• Displays Flow Rates
• User Selectable Low-Flow Cutoff
• Only 2 Calibration Points Required

• 5.6 V drop (7.0 V with backlight)
• 0.5" (12.7 mm) LCD
• Rate: 4½ digits; Total: 6 digits
• Operating temperature: 0 to 65°C
• Linear or square root function
• Non-volatile memory – no battery needed
• Isolated open collector pulse output
• Impact Resistant Enclosure
• NEMA 4X & IP 67
• ½" Conduit Hole in Base

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Cat #Descriptions
PD697-NNEMA 4X Loop-Powered Totalizer
PD697-BNEMA 4X Loop-Powered Totalizer with Loop-Powered Backlight
Input: 4-20 mA @ 24 VDC maximum, Linear or Square Root
Display: 0.5" (12.7 mm) LCD, 6 digits
Rate: 0 to 19,999. Total: 0 to 999,999
Linear Input Accuracy: ±0.05% FS ±1 count
Square Root Accuracy: ±0.1% FS ±1 count 10-100% of flow; ±1% FS (0-10% of flow)
Decimal Point: User selectable
Calibration Range: User programmable over entire range of meter
Minimum Input Span: 1.6 mA between Input 1 and Input 2. An Error message appears if Input 1 signal and Input 2 signal are too close together.
Programming Method: PD697: one front panel button; PD698: one button behind faceplate or reed switch & magnet.
Noise Filter: The field selectable noise filter allows unsteady (noisy) input to be displayed with greater stability.
Display Update Rate: 1/second
Alternating Display: Display may be programmed to alternate between rate and total every 10 seconds.
Minimum Input Current: 3.5 mA
Maximum Voltage Drop: 5.6 VDC @ 20 mA; Model with backlight option: 7.0 VDC @ 20 mA
Non-Volatile Memory: Settings stored for a minimum of 10 years.
Pulse Output Rating: Isolated open collector, 24 VDC @ 20 mA; maximum pulse output: 30 pulses/sec; pulse width: 16 ms. If the pulse output exceeds the maximum pulse output (30 pulses/sec), the total will flash and counts will be lost in the totalizer and the pulse output.
Lockout: Jumper JP1 restricts modification of programmed settings.
Totalizer: Calculates total based on rate and field programmable multiplier to display total in engineering units. Time base available in seconds, minutes, or hours. Time base must be selected according to time units in which rate is displayed.
Totalizer Conversion Factor: 0.00001 to 59999
Total Reset: Via front panel button or external contact closure
External Total Reset: Connect terminals R and CM
Low-Flow Cutoff: 0 to 100% FS, user selectable. To disable lowflow cutoff, program cutoff value to zero. Meter does not totalize below low-flow cutoff value.
Loop-Powered Backlight Option: Powered directly from the 4-20 mA loop, no batteries required. The display brightness will increase as the input current increases.
Connections: Removable screw terminals accept 12 to 22 AWG
Operating Temperature: 0 to 65°C
Storage Temperature: -30 to 80°C
Relative Humidity: 0 to 90% non-condensing
Approvals: Humidity: 0 to 90% non-condensing Approvals: The PD698-N-EX and PD698-B-EX are FM Approved & CSA Certified as explosion-proof for use in Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C, & D; dust-ignition proof in Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F, & G; Class III
Warranty: 2 years parts & labor
PD697 Enclosure: Impact-resistant glass filled polycarbonate, color: gray, NEMA 4X, IP67; ½" conduit hole provided at base.
PD697 Weight: 10.4 oz (294 g)
PD698 Enclosure: Explosion-proof, cast aluminum with glass window, 0.3% max copper content, corrosion resistant polyester powder coating, color: safety blue. NEMA 4X, 7, & 9, IP66; FM Approved & UL/C-UL Certified: Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C,& D, Class II, Groups E, F, & G, Class III; Class I, Zone 1 AEx d IIC hazardous outdoor (Type 4X) locations. IEC rating: Ex d IIC IEC 60529 IP66. Two ¾" NPT holes provided.
PD698 Weight: 5.7 lb (2.6 kg)

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