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Precision Digital PD663 3½+ Digit Explosion-Proof Loop-Powered Meters

3½+ Digit Explosion-Proof Loop-Powered Meters

The ProtEX-Lite PD663 is a rugged, explosion-proof NEMA 4X loop- powered meter perfect for applications where a simple, inexpensive display is required in a hazardous area.

The PD663 derives all its power from the 4-20 mA loop. The PD663 is scaled using four push buttons and can be done without applying an actual calibration signal, and through the explosion-proof enclosure with optional magnetic reed switches and a magnet key. The PD663’s display will read up to 2999; we call this 3½+ digits! The loop-powered backlighting option lets you see the display under any lighting condition and is powered completely from the 4-20 mA loop. This means there is no need for additional wiring and never any batteries to change.

The PD663 is housed in a rugged, explosion-proof, cast aluminum, NEMA 4X enclosure and is provided with two threaded conduit holes and integrated pipe or wall mounting holes.

• 4-20 mA input
• 1.7 V drop (4.9 V with backlight)
• 3½+ digits LCD, 0.6" high
• Loop-powered backlight option
• Easy four-button programming
• Programmable noise filter
• Max/min display
• Password protection
• Hart protocol transparent
• Operates from -40 to 75°C

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Cat #Descriptions
PD663-0L0-00Explosion-Proof Loop-Powered Meter
PD663-0K0-00Explosion-Proof Loop-Powered Meter with Backlight
PD663-0LA-00Explosion-Proof Loop-Powered Meter with Reed Switches
PD663-0KA-00Explosion-Proof Loop-Powered Meter with Backlight and Reed Switches
Display: 0.6" (15.24 mm) LCD, 3½+ digits; -1999 to 2999
Display Update Rate: 2 Updates/Second
Over-Range: Display Flashes 2999
Under-Range: Display Flashes -1999
Programming Method: 4 Front Panel Pushbuttons (behind glass). Magnet may also be used for programming; P/N PDA-MAG.
Noise Filter: Programmable HI, LOW, or OFF
Recalibration: Recalibration is recommended at least every 12 months.
Max/Min Display: Max/Min readings reached by the process are stored until reset by the user or until power to the meter is turned off.
Password: Programmable password restricts modification of programmed settings.
Non-Volatile Memory: All programmed settings are stored in non-volatile memory for a minimum of ten years if power is lost.
Normal Mode Rejection: 64 dB at 50/60 H
Operating Temperature: -40 to 75°C
Storage Temperature: -40 to 75°C
Relative Humidity: 0 to 90% non-condensing
Connections: Removable screw terminals accept 12 to 22 AWG
Tightening Torque: Screw terminal connectors: 4.5 lb-in (0.5 Nm)
Enclosure: Explosion-proof cast aluminum with glass window, 0.30% max copper content, corrosion resistant powder coating, color: blue. NEMA 4X, IP68. Two ½" NPT threaded conduit openings. One ½" NPT nickel plated brass conduit plug with 10 mm hex key fitting installed.
Mounting: May be mounted directly to conduit. Two mounting holes for 1.5" pipe or wall mounting.
Weight: 40 oz (1.13 kg)
Overall Dimensions: 4.30" x 4.27" x 3.62" (109 mm x 108 mm x 92 mm) (W x H x D)
Warranty: 3 years parts & labor
Input: 4-20 mA
Accuracy: ±1 count
Temperature Drift: 50 PPM/°C from -40 to 75°C ambient
Decimal Point: User selectable decimal point
Minimum Span: Input 1 & Input 2: 0.40 mA
Maximum Voltage Drop: 1.7 VDC @ 20 mA; 3.7 VDC @ 20 mA with backlight option.
Equivalent Resistance: 85 Ω @ 20 mA without backlight; 245 Ω @ 20 mA with backlight
Loop-Powered Backlight Option: Factory installed only with field wiring option. Powered directly from the 4-20 mA loop, no batteries required. The display brightness will increase as the input signal current increases.
Enclosure Approvals
FM & CSA: FM Approved & CSA Certified. Explosion-proof for use in Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C, and D; Dust-Ignition-proof for Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F, and G, Class III; hazardous (classified) locations, indoor and outdoor (Type 4X and IP66) USA: Indoor and outdoor (Type 4X and IP66); Ta = -40°F to +185°F FM Certificate: 3028184 Canada: Indoor and outdoor (Type 4X); Ta =-40°C to +85°C CSA Certificate: 1726044
ATEX & IECEX: ATEX Certified: Group 2, Category 1 (Zone 1), Gases, Vapors, Mists, or Dusts: II 2 G D, Ex d IIC, Ex tD A21 IP68, Ta = -40°C to +85°C. ATEX Certificate: Sira 07ATEX1331U
IECEx Certified: Flameproof, Gas Group IIC, Ex d IIC, Ex A21 tD IP68, Ta = -40°C to +85°C. IECEx Certificate: IECEx SIR 07.0111U

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