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Yokogawa 260/261/264/265 Stylist Series Panel Meters

Stylist Series Panel Meters

Available in Window mount or Surface mount styles. Optional bezels for Surface mount permit rear panel mounting. Standard movement torque to weight ratio is approximately 4 times greater than most other manufacturer’s high torque versions.

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5
Table 1Style
251Horizon Line (Taut Band), (I/V*-P&J)
254New Big Look (P&J)
255Horizon Line (P&J)
260Stylist Surface Mount (Taut Band), (I/V*-P&J)
261Stylist Window Mount (Taut Band), (I/V*-P&J)
264Stylist (P&J) Surface Mount
265Stylist (P&J) Window Mount
250New Big Look (Taut Band), (I/V*-P&J)
Table 2Size
Table 3Elec. and Mechanical Variables
20DC Volts Zero-Left
45AC Volts 400 Hz (I/V)*
44AC Volts (I//V)* 60 Hz
40AC Amps (I/V)* 60 Hz
38DC Expanded Scale Voltmeter
37AC Expanded Scale Voltmeter
30AC Volts Rectified
25DC Millivolts Zero-Center
24DC Millivolts Zero-Left
21DC Volts Zero-Center
10AC Amps Rectified
05DC Volts/Ext. Res. Zero-Center
04DC Volts/Ext. Res. Zero-Left
01DC Amps Zero-Center
00DC Amps Zero-Left
Table 4Elec. Rating
LS5 Amps
MT10 Amps
NG20 Amps
Table 5Scale
LS0-5 Amps
MT0-10 Amps
NG0-20 Amps



Accuracy AC/DC Iron-Vane ±2% of full-scale
AC Rectifier Types ±3% of Full scale (60Hz sine wave)
Expanded Voltmeters ±5% of full-scale
Special Order with mirror back scale (DC only) 3-1/2 - 4-1/2” Available @ ±1%.
Voltmeters (AC/DC) 50% Momentary
20% Sustained
Ammeters (AC/DC) Momentary 10 times the rated current for 10 consecutive intervals of .5 second with a 1 minute interval between successive applications
Sustained 20% for six hours
ANSI Specification Majority of meters meet ANSI Specifications C-39.1
Insulation Level 1 1/2" 1500 Vrms Hi-pot
All Meters (other then 1 1/2") 2600 Vrms Hi-pot
Burden Data AC Ammeter 5 amps, 0.5 va, Max. 0.5 power-factor lagging @ 60 Hz.
AC Voltmeter unity power factor
Additional Notes Severe-duty meters are available to meet CSA or UL 1437 requirements in 2-1/2” - 4-1/2” sizes.

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