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Yokogawa 250/254 New Big Look Panel Meters

New Big Look Panel Meters

These meters feature extra-wide scales, big bold numerals above the scale and divisions for unobstructed reading. Tapered needle-sharp pointers and shadow-free acrylic covers help to pinpoint values. Available in taut band and pivot and jewel types. Gasket sealer gives New Big Look dust and moisture resistant design. (Except 1-1⁄2").

• Dust Resistant Construction
• Clean, Readable Case Design Provides Extra Safety
• Gasket Sealing Design Establishes A New Industry Standard
• Taut Band, Pivot and Jewel Options
• High-Sensitivity DC Voltmeters
• Expanded-Scale Voltmeters
• Frequency Effect — AC Meters
• Rectifier-Type Meters
• Conduit Mounting Case

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5
Table 1Style
251Horizon Line (Taut Band), (I/V*-P&J)
254New Big Look (P&J)
255Horizon Line (P&J)
260Stylist Surface Mount (Taut Band), (I/V*-P&J)
261Stylist Window Mount (Taut Band), (I/V*-P&J)
264Stylist (P&J) Surface Mount
265Stylist (P&J) Window Mount
250New Big Look (Taut Band), (I/V*-P&J)
Table 2Size
Table 3Elec. and Mechanical Variables
20DC Volts Zero-Left
45AC Volts 400 Hz (I/V)*
44AC Volts (I//V)* 60 Hz
40AC Amps (I/V)* 60 Hz
38DC Expanded Scale Voltmeter
37AC Expanded Scale Voltmeter
30AC Volts Rectified
25DC Millivolts Zero-Center
24DC Millivolts Zero-Left
21DC Volts Zero-Center
10AC Amps Rectified
05DC Volts/Ext. Res. Zero-Center
04DC Volts/Ext. Res. Zero-Left
01DC Amps Zero-Center
00DC Amps Zero-Left
Table 4Elec. Rating
LS5 Amps
MT10 Amps
NG20 Amps
Table 5Scale
LS0-5 Amps
MT0-10 Amps
NG0-20 Amps
Accuracy AC/DC Iron-Vane ±2% of full-scale
AC Rectifier Types ±3% of Full scale (with 60Hz sine wave at 25°C)
Expanded Voltmeters ±0.5% of full-scale
Overload Voltmeters (AC/DC) 50% Momentary
20% Sustained
Ammeters (AC/DC) Momentary 10 times the rated current for 10 consecutive intervals of .5 second with a 1 minute interval between successive applications
Sustained 20% for six hours
Scale Data 90 degree rotation
Scale Length 1 1/2" 1.40"
2 1/2" 2.06"
3 1/2" 2.88"
4 1/2" 3.93"
Insulation Level 1 1/2" 1500 Vrms Hi-pot
All Meters (other then 1 1/2") 2600 Vrms Hi-pot
Response Time and Overshoot 3 seconds (max.) for 21⁄2", 31⁄2", 41⁄2" size for microammeters; 2 seconds (max.) for all other DC ratings, and 2.5 seconds (max) for AC ratings. Maximum of 40% overshoot.
Additional Notes
  1. Pivot & jewel instruments are not available in 1 1⁄2" size.
  2. Meter with flame retardant window and base only available in 2 1⁄2", 3 1⁄2" and 4 1⁄2" sizes. Include /CUL or /UL at the end of the catalog number or contact factory.
  3. For ratings and scales not listed contact the factory.

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