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Fireye E110 Accessories Flame-Monitor™

E110 Accessories

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Cat #Flame-Monitor Accessories
E300Expansion module - use with E100/E110/E201/E211
E320Expansion module - use with E200/E210 or E120 (wire per E110 for E120).
E350-3Expansion module cable, 3 ft length.
E350-6Expansion module cable, 6 ft length.
EB500Blank display module.
EB700Replacement chassis for E100/E110
EB701Replacement chassis for E120. 120 VAC. FM Approval only.
EC485RS232/RS485 converter with power supply and RJ12 jack.
EC600Red dust cover for E100/E110/E120/E200/E201/E210/E211.
ED150-3Remote reset cable, 3 feet.
ED150-6Remote reset cable, 6 feet.
ED150-15Remote reset cable, 15 feet.
ED150-25Remote reset cable, 25 feet.
ED400Remote display housing (ED500).
ED512-2RJ12 connector cable - 2 feet.
ED512-4RJ12 connector cable - 4 feet.
ED512-8RJ12 connector cable - 8 feet.
ED550-2E500/remote display (ED500) cable, 18 inches.
ED550-3E500/remote display (ED500) cable, 3 feet.
ED550-6E500/remote display (ED500) cable, 6 feet.
ED580-1ED510 remote display cable with RJ45 connector - 1 1/4 inch.
ED580-2ED510 remote display cable with RJ45 connector - 2 feet.
ED580-4ED510 remote display cable with RJ45 connector - 4 feet.
ED580-8ED510 remote display cable with RJ45 connector - 8 feet.
ED600Multi-port cable adaptor for E100 accessories.
ED610Multi-port cable adaptor for E110 accessories.
ED611Multi-port cable adaptor for E110 accessories without ED510 reset.
ED612Packaged with EC485, IC485 and UC485. PCB with RJ12 telephone jack.
UC485USB RS232/RS485 converter.
14-64Schaffner Noise Filter
19-112Ferrite core for ED512 / ED580 cables.
33-426Captive nut for wiring base (60-1386, 60-1466).
48-1805Mounting screw for E100, E200, E340, 25SU5-5011, -5166.
48-1836Mounting screw for E110, E210, E211, E120.
57AV4-5001Tester, 120 VAC, for use with C, D-Series and FLAMEMONITOR.
60-1950Expansion module wiring base.
60-2107Service adaptor, wiring base with access to terminals.
61-4016Flame simulator (UV, IR, Flame rod) for 57AV4-5001
129-145-1Remote display (ED510) mounting kit with 4' cable.
129-145-2Remote display (ED510) mounting kit with 8' cable.
129-145-3Remote display (ED510) mounting kit with 2' cable.

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