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Johnson Controls SD-1620 Class II Smoke Dampers

Class II Smoke Dampers

The SD-1620 Class II Smoke Dampers are designed to prevent the spread of smoke within a dynamic HVAC system during life safety situations. The SD-1620 series is UL listed and tested to the latest UL-555S standard. The SD-1620 series includes a factory installed actuator which should be cycled at least once every six months or sooner as local codes require. The SD-1620 is available with factory installed blade position switch to connect to smoke control systems and indicate when blades are fully open or fully closed.

• 250 or 350°F rated actuators
• three-year warranty on materials and workmanship
• shipping in as little as five working days from order entry

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5Table 6Table 7Table 8
Table 1Application
Table 2Blade Operation
Table 3Blade Type
Table 4Heat-actuated Device
L165°F actuation
M212°F actuation
H250°F actuation
Table 5Actuator Type
D24 VAC 350°F, Two-Position
PPneumatic 350°F, Two-Position (a)
OPneumatic 250°F, Two-Position
C120 VAC 350°F, Two-Position
B24VAC 250°F, Two-Position
A120 VAC 250°F, Two-Position
Table 6Width Dimensions
008 to 120008 to 120, 1 inch increments (a) (b)
Table 7Height Dimensions
007 to 096007 to 096, 1 inch increments (a) (b)
Table 8Factory Options (limit two)
DDSDN, no flow duct smoke detector
Eexact whole inch (no undercut)
Ifactory-installed Blade Position Switch Kit
Qinternal mount actuator (minimum size for electric = 10 in. wide x 21 in. high, pneumatic = 18 in. x 24 in.)
Vtransition to round or oval duct (maximum size is 70 x 92 in.)
Maximum Dynamic Rating: 4 in. w.c. static pressure at 2000 fpm
Ambient Operating
-40° F to 200° F; (-40° C to 93° C)
Timing: Drive open: 15 to 25 seconds typical
Spring close: 15 seconds typical
Maximum Short Duration
Operating Temperature:
250° F or 350° F; (121° C or 177° C)
based on actuator selected
Pressure Drop inches w.c.: Fully Open 1000 fpm 2000 fpm
24 x 24 in. 0.03 0.11
32 x 48 in. 0.02 0.10
Field Installed
Field Replaceable Parts: SP100 blade position switch kit
Actuators are field replaceable, refer to model number of actuator mounted on damper to order direct replacement
Approximate Weight: 9 lbs. per square foot
Electrically Actuated Two-Position Models:
Electrical –
Power Input:
120 VAC ±10%, 60 Hz
24 VAC +20%, -10%, 50/60 Hz
Electrical – Power Consumption: 120 V - Running: 0.18 A, 23 W,
Holding: 0.13 A, 9 W maximum
24 V - Running: 23 VA, Holding: 8 VA maximum
Frames: 5 in. deep x 16-gauge galvanized steel
Blades: 16-gauge galvanized steel, Triple V
All blades are 6 in. nominal width and 8 in. maximum width.
Linkage Concealed in the frame
Blade Pin: 1/2 in. hex steel, zinc plated
Bearings: Stainless steel
Side Seal: Flexible metal compression, stainless steel
Blade Seal: Stainless steel with extruded silicone
Sleeve: 20-gauge galvanized steel, 20 in. long (optional) (a)
Side Plate: 16-gauge galvanized steel

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