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Adjustable Trip Point (H735... H958) Current Switches with Relay: Adjustable Trip Point, Standard Output

Current Switches with Relay: Adjustable Trip Point, Standard Output
Adjustable Trip Point (H735... H958)

The Hawkeye Relay Combination Series is the ideal solution for the automation installer. These units combine a current switch and relay into a single package, reducing the space required for total control of fans and pumps. The current switch and relay operate independently of one another. These devices allow start/stop control and status monitoring with one device instead of two.

Combines command relay and fan/pump status sensor in a single, easy to install unit
• Reduces number of components installed – fits better in small starter enclosures
• Detect belt loss and motor failure...ideal for fan and pump status
• H748 and H948 feature a SPDT command relay... control two outputs with a single relay
• Bracket on H938, H948, and H958 can be installed in three different configurations...added flexibility. Now, one device does the job of two
• Reduced charges from electrician
• Relay and status LEDs for easy setup
• Polarity insensitive status output
• Adjustable setpoint for current sensor status
• 5-year limited warranty

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Cat #Status Output (max.)HousingRelay Power LedCOIL VOLTAGEAMPERAGE RANGEMin. Trip PointStatus LedRelays
H7350.1A@30VAC/DCSolid-core24VAC/DC1 - 135A1A or lessSPST, N.O.
H7381.0A@30VAC/DCSolid-core24VAC/DC1 - 135A1A or lessSPST, N.O.
H7481.0A@30VAC/DCSolid-core24VAC/DC1 - 135A1A or lessSPDT
H7581.0A@30VAC/DCSolid-core12VDC nom.1 - 135A1A or lessSPST, N.O.
H9381.0A@30VAC/DCSplit-core24VAC/DC2.5 - 135A2.5A or lessSPST, N.O.
H9481.0A@30VAC/DCSplit-core24VAC/DC2.5 - 135A2.5A or lessSPDT
H9581.0A@30VAC/DCSplit-core12VDC nom.2.5 - 135A2.5A or lessSPST, N.O.
Sensor Power :
Induced from monitored conductor
Insulation Class: 600VAC RMS
Frequency Range:
50/60 Hz
Temperature Range: -15° to 60°C (5° to 140°F)
Humidity Range: 10-90% RH, non-condensing
Hysteresis: 10% (typical)
Terminal Block Maximum Wire Size: 14 AWG
Terminal Block Torque (nominal): 4 in-lbs (0.45 N-m)
Agency Approvals: UL 508 open device listing

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