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Honeywell DCP300 1/4 DIN, 19 Profile, Control Programmers

1/4 DIN, 19 Profile, Control Programmers

The DCP 300 is a microprocessor-based ¼ DIN controller programmer that combines high functionally, quality and reliability at a great price. It supports up to 19 program profiles with up to 30 segments per profile. A universal input accepts thermocouple signals, resistance temperature detector (RTD) signals, DC Voltages and DC currents.

DCP 301 is a single channel programmer with one input and one loop of control, white the DCP 302 is a dual channel programmer with two inputs and two loops of control. A temperature and relative humidity calculation model is available on the DCP 302. The DCP 300 supports extensive digital I/O functions including 3 event outputs, 5 time events (optional), and up to 12 external switch inputs (8 of those are optional). Up to two auxiliary outputs can be added as options on certain models of the DCP 301. The DCP 302 has one optional auxiliary output available on certain models.

Programs/Segments: A maximum of 19 program profiles can be stored and up to 30 Segments can be programmed to each profile.
Accurate: Input #1 accuracy is 0.1%FS, and input #2 accuracy is 0.2%FS. The high sampling time is 0.1 seconds.
• Flexible: The DCP 300 can operate on any line voltage from 90 VAC to 264 VAC at 50/60 Hz. Input #1 is a universal input that can be field selectable for a number of different thermocouples, RTD, and linear inputs.
• Digital Inputs: Up to 12 external switch inputs (4 standard and 8 optional) allow remote selection of program numbers or operation.
• Event and Auxiliary Outputs: Three event relay outputs (standard) are available for PV, deviation, controller mode, or other state indications. Five time events (optional) of open collector outputs are also available for indication of time events and segment number events. Two auxiliary outputs are optionally available on certain models of the DCP 301, with one available on certain models of the DCP 302. CE Mark CD mark compliant applicable standards; EN61010-1, EN50081-2, EN50082-2

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5Table 6
P3011 Channel Digital Controller/Programmer
P3022 Channel Digital Controller/Programmer
Table 2Outputs-Channel 1
0DRelay (5 Amp)
2GPosition Proportional
5GCurrent (4 - 20 mA)
3DRelay/Relay (Heat/Cool)
5KCurrent/Current (Heat/Cool)
Table 3Inputs
0One Input Channel
1Two Input Channels
2Temperature/Relative Humidity Calculation
Table 4Power
ESUniversal Power - 90 to 264 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Table 5Option 1
011 Auxiliary Output
022 Auxiliary Outputs
Table 6Option 2
112 Digital Inputs + 3 Events + 5 Time Events
Number of Programs 19 maximum
Number of Segments 30 per program maximum
Segment Setting System RAMP-X system: Set by setpoints (SP1, SP2) and time.
Segment Time 0 to 99 hours 59 minutes; or 0 to 99 minutes 59 seconds (time unit selectable)
Basic Time Accuracy ± 0.01 % (0.1 second delay when segment time setting is 0)
Events (3) Sets operating point.
Time Events (5) Sets ON and OFF times.
PID Set Number
(each channel)
Sets 0 to 8. (Set 0 for continuation of previous segment.) (Set 0 to 4 on heat/cool models.)
Guarantee Soak (each
Sets G.Soak width 0 units to 1000 units.
PV Start Sets program ON/OFF and channel.
Cycle Sets program count 0 to 9999.
Pattern Link Sets program number 0 to 19 (0: no link).
Tag Sets 8 alphanumerics for each program (not displayed on controller).
Input Sampling Cycle 0.1 seconds
Allowable Parallel
Thermocouple disconnection detection allowable parallel resistance: 1 M-Ohm minimum
Maximum Allowable
Thermocouple, dc voltage input: –5 Vdc to +15 Vdc
DC current input: 50 mA dc; 2.5 Vdc
Burnout Upscale and downscale can be internally selected. (DC current input and dc voltage input ranges of 1 V or more are only downscaled.)
Over-range Detection Threshold 110 % FS minimum: Upscale
–10 % FS maximum: Downscale (Note that F50 range is not downscaled. Lower readout limit of B18 range is 20 °C.)
Cold Junction Compensation System Internal/external (0 °C only) compensation selectable
Scaling –1999 units to +9999 units (Settable by dc voltage and dc current. Reverse scaling and decimal point repositioning possible.)
Square Root Extraction Dropout 0.1 % to 10.0 %. Possible by dc current and voltage ranges.
Linearization Table Approximation 12 (both line ends fixed, 11 points variable)
Input Bias –1000 units to +1000 units variable
Digital Filter 0.0 sections to 120.0 seconds variable (filter OFF at 0.0)

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