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Honeywell DCP200 1/4 DIN, 64 Profile, Control Programmers

1/4 DIN, 64 Profile, Control Programmers

The DCP200 with a graphic/text LCD display is an affordable temperature and process controller with advanced functionality including profiling and data logging options. Designed to improve user efficiency many features are integrated to reduce commissioning time, simplify operation and minimize maintenance downtime.

The LCD screen on DCP200 displays real-text messages, removing ambiguity that can be caused by mnemonic codes on LED displays used in many products. Information is displayed in a logical format to be easily understood, hence reducing the risk of errors.

User screens are only displayed as each function is enabled; creating an optimized menu structure that is simpler to navigate. Access to specific settings and parameters can also be restricted by assigning them to password protected supervisor and configuration parameter access levels.

The process of configuring the DCP200 is simplified as a setup wizard runs on first power-up. The user is guided step-by step through the common parameter settings to quickly program the unit. These settings can be saved on a memory stick via the USB port and can be used for reconfiguration or to program other DCP200 units. BlueControl software can be used for on and off-line configuration.

Flexible input and output option boards mean that the controller can be selected to precisely match an application. Universal process input (Thermocouple, PT100 & linear DC), digital inputs, remote setpoint inputs, RS485 and Ethernet (Modbus TCP) comms and up to nine outputs (relay, SSR driver, triac, linear DC and 24V transmitter PSU) are all available.

The profiling function supports 255 segments for use in up to 64 profiles; segments supported are ramp, dwell, hold, loop, jump to profile. Profile control is possible from the controller, remote input or timed via the integral real time clock.

There is an increasing requirement to log process data for quality control purposes. The optional data logging feature is a low cost method of recording historical data for exporting to a .CSV file.

• ¼ DIN Format
• Graphical / text LCD Display (red/green)
• Set Point Profiling capability
• Data logging option (data, alarms & events)
• Multi-language capability
• Configurable user-menu structure
• Modbus RS485 and Modbus TCP Ethernet supported
• USB option
• CE, UL and cUL

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5Table 6Table 7Table 8Table 9Table 10
DCP202Controller Programmer with USB Port
DCP203Controller Programmer w/Recording & USB Port
DCP201Controller Programmer
Table 2Manuals/Language
1English Manual
Table 3Power Supply
0100-240 Vac
224 - 48 Vac or Vdc
Table 4Output Slot 1
8Triac Output
2DC Drive for SSR
LLinear DC Output
Table 5Output Slot 2
T24Vdc Xmtr Power
SDual SSR Driver Output
9Dual Relay Output
LLinear DC Output
2DC Drive for SSR
8Triac Output
Table 6Output Slot 3
T24Vdc Xmtr Power
SDual SSR Driver Output
9Dual Relay Output
8Triac Output
LLinear DC Output
2DC Drive for SSR
Table 7Output Slot 4
1Four Relay Output
Table 8Slot A Options
0No Selection
1RS485 ASCIl Serial Communications
3Digital Input (Slot A)
4Auxilary Input (Slot A)
Table 9Slot B Options
RFull Auxilary Input (Slot B)
Table 10Future (Slot C)
0No Selection
Cat #PC Software
51453391-522Program Configuration/Profile Editing Software
Sampling Rate: 10 per second.
Resolution: 16 bits. Always four times better than display resolution.
Impedance: >10MΩ resistive, except DC mA (5Ω) and V (47kΩ ).
Temperature stability: Error <0.01% of span per °C change in ambient temperature.
Supply Variation: Supply voltage influence negligible within supply limits.
Humidity Influence: Negligible if non-condensing.
Process Display: Displays up to 5% over and 5% under span limits.
Process Variable Input Offset: Reading adjustable ± Controller Span. +ve values added to Process Variable, -ve values subtracted from Process Variable
Sensor Break Detection: Thermocouple & RTD - Control goes to pre-set power value. High & Sensor Break alarms activate.
Linear (4 to 20mA, 2 to 10V and 1 to 5V only) - Control goes to pre-set power value. Low & Sensor Break alarms activate.
Isolation: Isolated from all outputs (except SSR driver) at 240V AC.
Supported Thermocouple Types & Ranges: Type Range °C Range °F
PtRh 20%:40%
+100 to 1824°C
0 to 2320°C
0 to 2315°C
-240 to 1000°C
-200 to 1200°C
-240 to 1373°C
0 to 762°C
0 to 1399°C
0 to 1850°C
0 to 1759°C
0 to 1762°C
-240 to 400°C
+211 to 3315°F
32 to 4208°F
0 to 4199°F
-400 to 1832°F
-328 to 2192°F
-400 to 2503°F
32 to 1402°F
32 to 2551°F
32 to 3362°F
32 to 3198°F
32 to 3204°F
-400 to 752°F
RTD Excitation: Sensor current 150μA ±10%.
Lead Resistance: <0.5% of span error for max 50£[ ƒnper lead, balanced.
DC Calibration: ±0.1% of full range, ±1LSD.
DC Input Multi-Point Linearization: Up to 15 scaling values can be defined anywhere between 0.1 and 100% of input.
Accuracy: ±0.25% of input range ±1 LSD.
Sampling Rate: 4 per second.
Resolution: 16 bits.
Impedance: >10MΩ resistive, except DC mA (10Ω) and V (47kΩ ).
Sensor Break Detection: 4 to 20mA, 2 to 10V and 1 to 5V ranges only. Control goes to pre-set power value if Aux Input is the active setpoint source.
Isolation: Reinforced safety isolation from outputs and inputs (except to Digital Input B).
Auxiliary Input Scaling: Scalable as Remote Setpoint (RSP) input between –1999 and 9999, but constrained
within setpoint limits.
Volt-free contacts
(or TTL):
Open contacts (>5000Ωor 2 to 24VDC signal = Logic High
Closed contacts (<50Ω or -0.6 to +0.8VDC signal = Logic Low.
Isolation: Reinforced safety isolation from inputs and other outputs.
Digital Input Sensitivity: Edge Sensitive. Requires High-Low or Low-High transition to change function.
Response within <0.25 second.

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