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Honeywell DCP100 1/4 DIN, 8 Profile, Controller Programmers

1/4 DIN, 8 Profile, Controller Programmers

The DCP100 is a microprocessor based ¼ DIN programmer/controller for process variable versus time control of temperature, humidity, flow, pressure and other variables. Designed to meet a wide range of application needs, the DCP100 provides 0.25% accuracy, up to 7 digital outputs for event and time sequencing and 6 digital inputs for remote program selection and operation.Set up and operation is quick and easy with the specifically designed dedicated man-machine interface.

The DCP100 can store up to 8 programs, each of which can include up to 16 segments. You can join programs together and build profiles for complex applications. (up to 121 consecutive segments total).

• 8 Program Profiles, 16 segments each
Easy to use: Three large display and user friendly keys make the DCP 100 to use. The message display guides you through the setup, configuration and operation. 
Profile capability: The DCP100 can store up to 8 programs with 16 segments per program These 128 segments can be configured as ramps, soaks, end of program or join to another program. To meet sophisticated profile needs, ≪cycling≫, and ≪program link≫ feature are available. ≪Cycling≫ consists of repeating the whole programs. The ≪program link≫ feature offers the possibility to link several programs and get a longer sequence.
Guaranteed soak: The guaranteed soak facility ensures that your soak is completed over the timing you had specified. This function is also applicable on ramp or both ramp and soak. You can define a band above and/or below the setpoint that will hold the program when the PV is outside of the band.
PV START: This function offers the possibility to define setpoint values at start of each program. It could be either the current controller setpoint value (LSP) or the current process variable value (PV).
• Power failure recovery: For critical application, the DCP100 allows you to select the response after a power failure. The restoration mode could be either a cold start (return to Local Setpoint) or a hot start (resume from the point where power failed).
• PC Configuration and profile editor: Software has been developed to configure the DCP 100 through its internal communications port.Through the profile editor, you can simple draw profile, you can save them in your PC, any you can download them to the DCP Any program can be labeled and the name will be displayed in the front of the DCP (message display).
• Real Time Clock: Any program can start at a certain predeterminated time on a certain day of the week.

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5Table 6Table 7Table 8Table 9Table 10Table 11Table 12
DCP102Thermocouple (T/C)
DCP101RTD or Linear mV
DCP103Linear mA
DCP104Linear Volt
DCP10TTPSC Firmware (Factory Set as T/C)
Table 2Real TIme Clock
1Real Time Clock
0No Real Time Clock
Table 3Manuals
0EN1I-6174, EN1I-6240 English Manual
Table 4Digital Inputs
1Remote Program Control Inputs (6 dry contacts)
0No Selection
Table 5Output 1 (Control 1)
3Linear: 0 to 10 Volts
2SSR Driver
4Linear: 0 to 20 ma
5Linear: 0 to 5 Volts
7Linear: 4-20 mA
Table 6Output 2 (Control 2 or Alarm 2)
2SSR Driver
Table 7Output 2 (Control 2 Only)
3Linear: 0 to 10 Volts
4Linear: 0 to 20 ma
5Linear: 0 to 5 Volts
7Linear: 4-20 mA
Table 8Output 3 (Alarm 1 Only)
2SSR Driver
Table 9Output 3 (Retransmission Only)
7Linear: 4-20 mA
5Linear: 0 to 5 Volts
4Linear: 0 to 20 ma
3Linear: 0 to 10 Volts
Table 10Communication
0No Selection
1RS485 ASCIl Serial Communications
3RS485 MODBUS+ASCIICommunications (Includes TPSC Firmware)
Table 11Power Supply
1Power Supply 90 to 264 Vac
2Power Supply 24 to 48 Vac/dc
Table 12Digital Outputs
0No Selection
1Events Outputs (4 relays)
Cat #DCP100 PC Software
46189404-501DCP100 Program Editor Software (Windows base)
46189406-501DCP10T Program Editor Software (Windows base)
Program Facility N° of programs 8 programs cascadable
N° of segments 16 segments per program
Total N° of segements 128 segments free format (max. length: 121 segments)
Segment type RAMP, SOAK, JOIN, REPEAT and END
Program cycling 1 to 9999
Delayed start 0 to 99:59 (hours:minutes)
Segment time 0 to 99:59 (hours:minutes or minutes: seconds)
Ramp rate 1 to 9999 per hour or per minute
Guaranteed SOAK OFF, below or above setpoint both applicable on SOAK, RAMP or both from 1 to input span
START Mode From current process variable or controller setpoint
END Mode To final programmer setpoint or controller setpoint
Control Mode RUN, HOLD, ABORT, X60 (local or remote)
Select Program (local or remote)
Jump to next segment
Input Accuracy 0.25% of span ± 1 LSD
T° Stability 0.01% of span per °C
Sampling Rate Four samples per second
Input Filter Digital filter configurable from front panel.
0.0 (OFF), from 0.5s to 100.0 seconds in 0.5s increment
Input Resolution 14 bits approximately; always four times better than display resolution
Input Isolation Universal input isolated at 2500 V from all outputs except SSRand from power supply.
Input Signal Failure - For thermocouple, detected by any lead break within 2 seconds control output set to OFF (0%), upscale burnout
- For RTD, detected by any lead break within 2 seconds control output set to OFF (0%), downscale burnout
- For DC linear: 4-20 mA, 1-5 V and 2-10 only detected within 2 seconds
control output set to OFF (0%), downscale burnout
Input impedance Volt: 47 Kohms
Current: 4.7 ohms
Others: 100 Mohms
Stay rejection Common Mode > 120 dB at 50/60 Hz giving negligible effect at up to 264 Vac 50/60 Hz
Serial Mode > 500% of Span (at 50/60 Hz) causes negligible effect
Control Output type Type available:
Output 1: DC, Electromechanical relay, SSR drive (open collector)
Output 2: DC, Electromechanical relay, SSR drive (open collector)
Output 3: DC (transmission output only), Electromechanical relay, SSR drive (open collector)
DC output:
4-20 mA
Accuracy: ± 0.5% (250 ohms for mA, 2 kohms for Volt)
Resolution: 8 bits in 250 ms (10 bits in 1 second typical> 10 bits in >1 second)
Locad impedance: 500 ohms max. for current output
Isolation: isolated 2500 V form all other inputs and outputs
Range selection method: jumper positioning and front panel code setting
Temperature stability: 0.01%/°C
Electromechanical relay: SPDT contact
Resistive load: 2 A at 120 V or 240 V
Life time: > 500000 operations at rated voltage/current
SSR drive/TTL:
Drive capability: SSR > 4.3 V dc into 250 ohms min.
Isolation: not isolated from input and other SSR output
Output algorithm Automatic tuning type: Pre-tune & self-tune
Proportional bands: 0 (inactive), 0.5% to 999.9% of input span with 0.1% increments. Two proportional bands available for duplex mode.
Reset: Off or from 1s to 99 min 59s
Rate: From 0 to 99 min 59s
Manual reset: from 0 to 100% of output (single output), from 100% to 100% of output (dual output)
Deadband: ± 20% of PB1 + PB2
ON/OFF hysteresis: 0.1% to 10.0% of input span
Auto/Manual mode: User selectable with bumpless transfer between automatic and manual mode
Cycle times: Up to two cycle times available for time duplex control
Selection: 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 or 512 seconds
Remote program control N° of Input 6 contacts voltage free or TTL compatible
Program selection 3 contacts binary coded (2°, 21, 22)
Program control 3 contacts RUN/HOLD, x60, ABORT
Time Event Output N° of Output 4 relays (SPDT) 5A resistive load (120/240 Vac)
Triggering cause Time EVENT programmable to either OFF or ON for each segment
End of program Output type 1 relay SPDT 5A resistive load (120/240 Vac)
ALARM Control N° of Alarms 2 soft Alarms setpoint + 1 Loop alarm
Output type Up to two relays or SSR output on output 2 and 3
Alarm type PV high or low, band, deviation high or low, loop
Combination Logical "OR" or "AND" of alarms to an individual hardware
Retransmission Output type Current or Volt output of output 3 can be selected to retransmit the process variable or setpoint
Communication Protocol RS485 ASCII Half Duplex
Baud rate 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, Bauds
Link characteristics 32 drop maximum (2 wires)
Data format Even parity, seven data bits and 1 stop bit
Mode Slave or Master
Physical Dimension Depth: 100 mm/3.94 inches
Height: 96 mm/3.78 inches
Width: 96 mm/3.78 inches
Weight 210 grams max.
Cut out 92 x 92 mm/3.62 x 3.62 inches
Terminals Screw type (combination head)
Front Panel Sealing IP65/NEMA 3
Power type 90-264 Vac 50/60 Hz
20-50 Vac 50/60 Hz or 22-65 Vdc (option)
Consumption 4 Watts
Environmental EMI Susceptibility Designed to meet EN50082-1 : 1992 and EN50082-2 : 1995
EMI Emissions Designed to meet EN50081-1 : 1992 and EN50081-2 : 1994
Safety Designed to comply with EN61010-1 :1993
Approval Europe CE Mark - Conformity with 72/23/EEC / Low voltage directive
Conformity with 89/336 EEC/ EMC directive

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