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Honeywell ST3000 Smart Flange Mounted Liquid Level Transmitter

Smart Flange Mounted Liquid Level Transmitter

Flange mounted level transmitters are essentially DP transmitters where a process mounting flange is used instead of the NPT process connection on a DP transmitter. These transmitters are used to measure fluid level in vented or pressurized tanks.

The mounting flange is connected to the High Pressure port, and the Low Pressure port is open to atmosphere, or connected to pressure line from the top of the tank. Smart transmitters have the benefit of adjustable measuring span or range within specified limits. These units can be re-ranged in the field or instrument shop with hand-held communication tools and/or pressure standards. To select the appropriate model, determine the pressure range of the media being measured, identify the temperature of the media being measured, understand the corrosive nature of the media, and consider the mounting of the unit for practical installation, calibration and maintenance of the unit.

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5Table 6
Table 1Range
STA140(0-5 to 0-500 PSIA)
STA922(0-50 to 0-780 mm HGA)
STA940(0-20 to 0-500 PSIA)
STA122(0-50 to 0-780 mm HGA)
Table 2Partial list
Acarbon steel head, 316L diaphragm (air service only)
E316 SS head, 316L diaphragm
F316 SS head, Hastelloy C276 diaphragm
JHastelloy C276 head and diaphragm
Table 3Fill fluid
2CTFE inert fill (use oxidizing applications)
1DC200 silicone (standard)
Table 4Process connection
G1/2 “FNPT
Table 5Options
UMHard copy of full user manual
TGstainless steel wired on tag
TCtransmitter span configured electronically
CCcustom calibrated span and ID in transmitter memory
LPtransient voltage protection, lightning protection
ZSzero and span adjustments
SMlocal digital meter
FFFoundation Fieldbus communication
ANanalog output only, no communication
HCHART compatible electronics
DEHoneywell DE protocol (formerly standard, must specify)
F1calibration test report and certificate o conformance
FBflat bracket for wall mounting only
SB316 SS bracket for 2” pipe stand or wall mounting
MBCS bracket for 2” pipe stand or wall mounting
Table 6Approvals
1CFM Explosion Proof & Intrinsically Safe Class 1 Div 1
2JCSA Explosion Proof & Intrinsically Safe Class 1 Div 1
3HATEX approvals, see spec sheet for details

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