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Apollo SERIES GB-50 Full Port Gas Ball Valve w/Single or Dual Pilot Tapping

Full Port Gas Ball Valve w/Single or Dual Pilot Tapping

The Conbraco GB-50 Series Full Port Gas Ball Valve with single or dual pilot tapping is made from ASTM B584 grade bronze material for superior corrosion protection. They fully comply with AGA standard #3-88, ANSI Z21.15.CGA9.1 and CR91-002 for manually operated valves. They are ideally suited for bubble tight shut-off low-pressure gas line service.

FEATURES • Reversible handle • Full port design • 100% AMERICAN made • MAXIMUM BTU capacities • Fully complies with AGA 3-88, ANSI Z21.15.CGA9.1 and CR91-002 requirements. • Guide YSDT: LP-gas shut-off valve • Guide YRPV: Gas shut-off valve for use with natural and manufactured gases • Guide YRBX: Flammable liquid shut-off valve • Guide MHKZ: No. 6 oil at 250°F • Rated to 250 psig under UL Listings • Specially designed for installations up to 5 psig • Optional Tee handle (lever handle is standard)

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Cat #TypeSize
50GB301Lever Handle w/1/8” Tapping1/2”
50GB401Lever Handle w/1/8” Tapping3/4”
50GB501Lever Handle w/1/8” Tapping1”
50GB601Lever Handle w/1/8” Tapping1-1/4”
50GB701Lever Handle w/1/8” Tapping1-1/2”
50GB801Lever Handle w/1/8” Tapping2”
50GB5A1Lever Handle w/1/4” Tapping1”
50GB6A1Lever Handle w/1/4” Tapping1-1/4”
50GB7A1Lever Handle w/1/4” Tapping1-1/2”
50GB8A1Lever Handle w/1/4” Tapping2”
50GB401ALever Handle w/1/8” Dual Tapping3/4”
50GB501ALever Handle w/1/8” Dual Tapping1”
50GB601ALever Handle w/1/8” Dual Tapping1-1/4”
50GB701ALever Handle w/1/8” Dual Tapping1-1/2”
50GB801ALever Handle w/1/8” Dual Tapping2”
50GB5A1ALever Handle w/1/4” Dual Tapping1”
50GB6A1ALever Handle w/1/4” Dual Tapping1-1/4”
50GB7A1ALever Handle w/1/4” Dual Tapping1-1/2”
50GB8A1ALever Handle w/1/4” Dual Tapping2”

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