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Industrial Controls Named as Authorized Distributor of Wireless Pneumatic Thermostat

Apr 1 2009 (All day)

Wanamassa, NJ – Industrial Controls Distributors LLC, the leading distributor of HVAC, process instrumentation, and valves, is pleased to announce that they have been selected to distribute the new Wireless Pneumatic Thermostat (WPT), manufactured by Cypress Envirosystems, throughout their 22-state territory across the Northeast, Midwest, and Southern United States.

A breakthrough product, the WPT is a pneumatic thermostat that communicates over a wireless network to allow central control and monitoring of room comfort without rewiring or replacing the other control elements. Also, using BACnet, it can be interfaced to existing Direct Digital Control (DDC) systems.

Buildings currently using pneumatic HVAC controls can now apply the same energy savings strategies that have required DDC, but for less than 20% of the conventional conversion cost. Additionally, users of this breakthrough technology can expect an investment payback in less than a year, as opposed to the usual four to seven years. In less than 20 minutes per zone, buildings equipped with pneumatic HVAC can now implement wireless features including night setback, zone control, occupancy override, and auto demand response.

Developed by ex-Honeywell engineers and backed by technology from Cypress Semiconductor, the new WPT has since been installed in colleges, commercial office buildings, and health care facilities.

Industrial Controls, headquartered in Wanamassa, NJ currently operates 19 offices with three distribution centers. The Wireless Pneumatic Thermostat, along with Industrial Controls' complete product offering, can be found on their highly acclaimed e-commerce site industrialcontrolsonline.com. The website allows customers to place and expedite orders, request quotes, and obtain technical information about the company's broad product portfolio.

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