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About Industrial Controls


Industrial ControlsThe leader in HVAC, Combustion & Process Automation since 1976

Industrial Controls, founded in 1976, is a full service distributor of controls and solutions for commercial HVAC, process control and industrial automation applications.
With coverage in 22 states from Maine to Georgia and west to Wisconsin, Industrial Controls backs a complete inventory of the industry's finest products from manufacturing leaders such as, Honeywell, Ashcroft, Belimo, GE, Siemens, Johnson Controls and ASCO with an array of value added services making it easy for clients to successfully apply our products. Offering an extensive range of services from both our Commercial and Industrial Divisions, including consulting and technical training programs, enables companies to purchase the products they need and to utilize them to the utmost degree of efficiency and productivity.
The success of Industrial Controls is best reflected by the quality of the products that we are able to distribute and perhaps more importantly, the longevity of our clients. In addition to earning the distinction of being a multiple year recipients of Honeywell and Johnson Controls "Distributor of the Year", Industrial Control's client base includes a diverse range of institutions and companies from Lucent Technologies to Proctor & Gamble, New York University to International Paper to Merck and PSE&G.
Industrial Controls has maintained a leadership position as the leading instrumentation and controls distributor in the areas we serve by attracting, and retaining only the most talented and qualified individuals with the technical know-how, education, and personal skills necessary to sell and support the industry's leading products. Indeed, Industrial Controls vitality as a company depends on the continued ability to remain attuned to the changing needs of our clients, keeping abreast of new products, and being able to technically determine whether these new products are suitable for our client's needs.
In many ways, it is a demanding, pressure-filled mandate, as the daily operations of major corporations depend on the products Industrial Controls sales representatives help them choose and how well these products work for the company, dispensing with unnecessary manpower as well as performing tasks that cannot be done manually. As Industrial Controls envisions it, the technical sales representative's duties go beyond mere selling, taking an order and processing it. Industrial Controls' sales team has intimate knowledge of the mechanics and technology behind the manufacturers' products and are able to determine whether such products are designed to fit the client's particular needs.

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