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Partlow MRC 9400 12” 4 Pen Circular Chart Recorder w/Alarms

12” 4 Pen Circular Chart Recorder w/Alarms
MRC 9400

The MRC 9400 VersaEZ will record up to four process variables on a circular chart. The circular chart sizes are 10˝, 11˝ or 12˝ with the unit shipped to you configured to record on 12˝ paper.

The VersaEZ is designed to provide you with a product that is user-friendly, and delivers a high quality unalterable printout of your process data.

Out of the box the VersaEZ is set up for most common applications. Given that there are many variables in the world of process control, no one set-up will cover all needs. Yet preconfigured as the VersaEZ is, it will minimize the amount of time you need to commit to programming. You need only change the parameters necessary to get your process running and documented.

• Pre-configured for you for E-Z installation and out of- the box, plug and play capability
• Four pens and four colors
• Flexible chart sizes—choose from 10–12˝ diameter

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5Table 6Table 7Table 8Table 9Table 10
Table 1Model
MRC9400VersaEZ 4 Pen Recorder with Alarms
Table 2Enclosure Options
4Plastic Window w/Door Lock ***
3Plastic Window
2Glass Window w/Door Lock ***
1Glass Window
Table 3Case Type and Mounting
2NEMA 4 Panel Mount
1NEMA 3 Panel Mount
Table 4Digital Communications
Table 5Pens/Colors
1One Trend, One Color**
2Two Trend, Two Colors**
3Three Trend Pens, Three Colors**
4Four Trend Pens, Four Colors
5One Trend Pen, Four Colors
6Two Trend Pens, Four Colors
7Three Trend Pens, Four Colors
Table 6Universal Inputs
4Four Inputs
1One Input
2Two Inputs
3Three Inputs
Table 7Relay Outputs*
Table 8Process Retransmission (4-20mA Isolated Outputs)
3One Output
6Four Outputs
5Three Outputs
4Two Outputs
Table 9Transmitter Power Supply
4Four Supplies
3Two Supplies
2Two Supplies
1One Supply
Table 10Totalizer
Modes: Digital; Record
Display: Two line, 40 character vacuum fluorescent display with 0.21? (5mm) high characters; 15 keys for programming and unit operation; display modes; automatic or manual sequencing; 3 display formats
Status Indicators: 8 red LED alarm status indicators; real time clock for time and date stamping on chart output
Chart: 10–12? circular chart; 100 charts furnished with each instrument. Unless otherwise specified, charts shipped with instrument are in 100 divisions
Chart Rotation: User configurable 8, 12, 24 or 48 hrs or 7 days
Chart Range: Bottom and top of span –999999 to 999999 units
Pen Type: Disposable 4 pen fiber tip marker assembly
Pen Color: Pen 1 (red); Pen 2 (green); Pen 3 (blue); Pen 4 (black)
Memory Backup: EEPROM and battery backed SRAM; 5 year minimum life
Construction/Enclosure: Gasketed, cover, case and windows. Structural foam case and cover; optional door lock or glass window option
Power Consumption: 60VA max
Line Voltage: 85–265VAC 50/60Hz

• Process Validation
• Trend Analysis
• Regulatory Compliance
• Product Safety:
  - Temperature, Pressure and Relative Humidity

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