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Pressure Relief Valves

10 Series

Brass/bronze safety relief valves protect ASME Section IV hot water heating boilers and hydronic heating systems. High capacity design features corrosion resistant construction. Brass, satin or polished chrome finishes available. ASME Section IV Inlet Size 3/4 - Outlet - 3/4” & 1 Set...

13 Series

ASME Section IV bronze safety valves protect small to medium low pressure steam heating boilers. Three design configurations feature top guiding and raised seating area for extended service life. Available top and side discharge models. ASME Section IV Sizes 3/4 -1-1/2 Set pressure 5 to 15 psi...

14-200 Series

ASME Section IV Set pressures from 5 to 15 psig. Sizes 2 , 2-1/2 and 3 . Applications: The 14 Series is an ASME Section IV high capacity steam safety valve for use with medium and large size commercial and industrial heating boilers.


Series RVD angle pattern pressure relief valves features a single flat diaphragm which is an advantage where salt crystallization problems can cause valve sticking. Relief setting is infinitely adjustable from 5 psi to 150 psi. Maximum inlet pressure is 210 psi.

Materials of...

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