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VersaPoint I/O

Analog Input Modules

Analog input modules receive signals from current and voltage input devices. Specialty modules are available for RTD and Thermocouple inputs.

Analog Output Modules

Analog output modules provide voltage or current signals to analog output devices.

Discrete Input Modules

Discrete input modules receive signals from input devices such as sensors, pushbuttons, and switches that can have two states: on or off, open or closed.

Discrete Output Modules

Discrete output modules send control signals to devices such as contactors, indicator lamps, and interposing relays that can also have two states.

Motion Modules

Motion modules enable the user to easily connect to high speed input devices.

Motor Starter Modules

VersaPoint motor starter modules enable the user to easily connect directly to three phase motors. The starter control (ON/OFF) and diagnostics is via the VersaPoint bus and no additional I/O modules required. The motor starter modules reduce wiring and installation.

Network Interface Modules

An I/O Network Interface Unit connects VersaPoint I/O modules to a host PLC or computer via a variety of networks, which makes it easy to include VersaPoint I/O in Profibus-DP, Ethernet or DeviceNet installations. Together, the NIU is capable of handling up to 63 modules in one node.

Power Terminals

Power Terminal modules supply power to the main circuit (UM). In addition, this module can be used to supply power for a segment circuit (Us).

Segment Terminals

Segment Terminals are used to create a partial circuit (segment circuit) within a main 24 VDC circuit.

Serial Communications Modules

The serial interface modules enable the VersaPoint to connect to serial devices via RS-232 or RS-485/422. The modules support the following features:
• Serial I/O channel
• Supports various protocols
• Adjustable number of data bits, stop bits, and parity
• 4 kbyte...

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