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VersaMax Nano and Micro Controllers

Analog Expansion Units

The VersaMax Micro analog I/O is versatile and the Micro PLC can support up to four Analog Expansion Units, allowing you to expand up to 16 inputs and 8 outputs.

DataPanels Operator Interfaces

GE Fanuc VersaMax DataPanels are ideal for a broad range of applications ranging from simple timer/counter/register access to full text message display with numeric keypad. All VersaMax DataPanels are preprogrammed to connect quickly to a VersaMax Micro or Nano PLC without user configuration....

Discrete Expansion Units
Ethernet Communication Option

The VersaMax SE enables the VersaMax Micro and Nano to easily be connected to an Ethernet LAN via the VersaMax SE. The user can easily down load, upload and monitor VersaMax Micro and Nano controllers.

Micro 14 PLCs


Micro 20/ 40/ 64 Port 2 Communication Options

The VersaMax Micro 20, Micro 40 and Micro 64 Port 2 is modular by design and enables the user to select a wide range of communications options. The user can select RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet or USB. The RS-232 and RS-485 also come with two analog input channels (0 to 10 VDC, 10 bit). Port 2 also...

Micro 23 PLCs
Micro 40 PLC

The Micro 40 PLC is big on features, expandable to 152 I/O points to fast cycle times, robust instruction set, and generous memory to allow more flexible programming. The optional second port provides you with the option of an additional RS-232 port, RS-485, USB, or Ethernet. The serial...


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