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Relays and Control Modules


Used to manually position a remote damper actuator or to reset the setpoint of a pneumatic controller. They can also provide minimum damper position by setting a minimum pressure limit in the branch line to the damper actuator. Replacement kits are available for Johnson, Powers, Robertshaw,...

VEC-1010/1020 Series

The VEC-1010/1020 series are two-position three-way solenoid air valves used to interface between electric and pneumatic circuits. With a lightweight valve body molded of high strength Celcon, these E-P relays are provided with barbed connections for 1/4 polyethylene tubing at all 3 air ports....


This series of YMC switches consists of manually actuated gradual switches and selector switches. Models depicted in photograph are shown with various scale plates.

The YMC-1001 is designed for delivering a variable, selected air pressure from the branch line to a remote device. It is...


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