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The 186 Room and Duct Transmitters are one-pipe, direct acting pneumatic instruments that sense space humidity and transmit a 3 to 15 psi (21 to 103 kPa) pneumatic signal to a remote receiver gauge and/or receivercontroller to read percent relative humidity.


The H-3610 is a reverse acting pneumatic instrument that can be used as a humidity controller or high limit. The H-3610 comes in one of two factory settings, depending on the application. For controller applications the H-3610 is factory set at 35% RH. For use as a high limit the H-3610 is...


The H-4100 Pneumatic Room Humidistat provides a proportional output signal to modulate pneumatically controlled devices in response to changes in relative humidity. The humidistat can be ordered in direct or reverse acting models.


Two-pipe, single setpoint, pneumatic humidistat used to provide proportional control of pneumatic valves on humidification or dehumidification systems.


A proportioning pneumatic humidistat used on one- or two-pipe installations for controlling actuators on valves and dampers in air conditioning systems for humidification or dehumidification control.

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