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Electric Thermostats

T58 Series

The thermostats have attractive styling. The snap-acting contacts are of fine silver and will not chatter. One piece installation to a standard vertical outlet box with two captive screws through baseplate. No mounting bracket is required. The temperature setting is changed by sliding the...

T600xxx-3 Series

The T600xxN-3 Series non-programmable and T600xxP-3 Series programmable thermostats are specifically designed for control of single-stage, multi-stage, and heat pump commercial heating and cooling equipment. The T600xxP-3 Series thermostats are also specifically designed for control of rooftop...

T6051; T6052

Heavy Duty Line Voltage Thermostats used to control fan coils, fans, motor starters, valves, contactors, and circulator motors in heating and/or cooling systems.

T91 Series

This solid state thermistor sensor detects temperature changes in a room or similar space. Series T91 Sensors may be used directly with Series M100Q Motor Actuators.


Proportional Thermostats provide low voltage, 3-wire control for valve motors, damper motors, and balancing relays in heating or cooling system applications.

TC-1xx Series, TC-11xx Series, TF-1111 Series

These thermostats provide on-off control of heating/cooling systems.



TC-2931, TC-2942

This thermostat provides summer-winter changeover in hydronic heating-cooling systems.


This thermostat provides hot water unit heater control and summer-winter changeover. May be used as either an open high control or an open low control. 

TC-4100 Series, TC-4200 Series

For on-off control of media temperature in ducts, tanks, liquid lines, etc.

TC-5231 Series, TC-5232, TC-5241 Series

The TC-5231, TC-5232, and TC-5241 low temperature thermostats are used to control temperature in air conditioning or refrigeration systems.


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