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Limit Controls Freezestats


The 134 Electric Low Temperature Detection Thermostat is a remote bulb instrument with a Single Pole, Double Throw switch.

A11 Series

The A11 Series low temperature cutout controls incorporate a 20-foot long spotsensitive, vapor-charged sensing element. The A11 reacts to the coldest 14- to 16-inch section of the sensing element. The A11 is suitable for monitoring the face temperature of hot water coils for freeze protection....

A25 Series

The A25 warm air control locks out on a temperature increase to the control set point. Manual reset is required before the electrical contacts can be reclosed. The A25 is normally located in a return air duct and is wired to shut down air conditioning or ventilating fans when the temperature of...

A70 Series

The A70 Series temperature control incorporates a vapor-charged sensing element. The A70G, A70H, and A70K have a 4-wire, 2-circuit contact block that contains two isolated sets of contacts. The contacts are designed so that when the main contact opens, the auxiliary contact closes.


L4029E Reset Limit Control opens a line or low voltage circuit if the air temperature reaches a critical level at controller location. The primary usage of the L4029E is as a fire thermostat in the duct work of air conditioning and ventilating systems. If the circulated air reaches a temperature...

L480, L482

Used to limit or control temperature in air conditioning systems or refrigerated enclosures.


The PA404 is a series 40 (2-wire, SPST) Pressuretrol controller for use in 24, 120, 240 or 277 volt control circuits or in self powered (millivoltage) applications.

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