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Flow Switches

Series FS5

• For general purpose applications requiring low flow rate sensitivity
• In-line configuration eliminates need for a pipe tee 

Series FS7-4

• Universal design serves the widest variety of large pipe applications, including heating and hydronic systems, air conditioning, refrigeration and process work

Series FS7-4E

• For hazardous environment applications requiring a NEMA 7 (Class I, Group C or D) or NEMA 9 Class II, Group E, F, or G) rated flow switch

Series FS7-4W

• For applications requiring a water-tight, dust-tight or a NEMA 4X rated flow switch 

Series FTS

Series FTS Thermal Flow Switch is especially designed, for all types of cooling systems, as a reliable alternative to failure prone mechanical flow switches.

The Thermal Flow Switch continually samples the temperature of the coolant and adjusts the low flow setpoint automatically,...

Series V4

Rugged and reliable the Series V4 Flotect® flow switch operates automatically to protect equipment and pipeline systems against damage from reduction or loss of flow. The V4 is time tested being installed in thousands of pipelines and processing plants around the world. A unique magnetically...

Series V6

Surprisingly compact, the Series V6 Flotect® Flow Switch is engineered to specifically monitor liquid, gas, or airflows. Operation is simple and dependable with no mechanical linkage as the flow switch is magnetically actuated. The lower body holds the flow vane and one magnet, which controls...


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