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Magnetic Flow Meters

2551 Series

The Signet 2551 Magmeter is an insertion style magnetic flow sensor that features no moving parts. The patented sensor design is available in corrosion-resistant materials to provide long-term reliability with minimal maintenance costs. Material options include PP with stainless steel, PVDF with...

VersaFlow Mag 100

The VersaFlow Mag 100 flow sensor is an economical solution for a wide range of applications. VersaFlow Mag 100 can be used in applications (including various aqueous solutions), where other measurement techniques e.g. turbines, venturi, etc. were previously used. VersaFlow is suitable for even...

VersaFlow Mag 1000

The VERSAFLOW electromagnetic flow sensor is the optimum solution for water and wastewater applications. Its long-term reliability and durability make it the standard flow sensor for the water market.

VersaFlow Mag 3000

The VersaFlow Mag 3000 is the electromagnetic flow sensor for the food and beverage industry. The 3000 sensor is manufactured in conformance to FDA requirements and has all requested (needed) approvals available. As an add on, a EHEDG approval is available and documents the hygienic design and...

VersaFlow Mag 4000

The VersaFlow electromagnetic flow sensor is a process industry standard suitable for the most demanding applications.

VersaFlow TWM 9000

The TWM 9000 is the only electromagnetic flow converter with diagnostics for the instrument and application. TWM 9000 is compatible with all electromagnetic flow sensors and is suitable for all applications.

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