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Spring Return Actuators

GCA Series

Designed for control of building HVAC dampers, the OpenAir GCA Series Direct Coupled, Spring Return Electric Actuators are available in 0 to 10 Vdc or 2 to 10 Vdc modulating, floating and two-position (on/off) control models.

GMA Series

The OpenAir GMA Series Direct Coupled, Spring Return Electronic Damper Actuators provide modulating, two position and floating control of building HVAC dampers.

GQD Series

The OpenAir GQD Series Direct Coupled, spring return electronic damper actuators are 24 Vac/dc and 120 Vac rated and available in 2-position, floating and 2 to 10 Vdc control.


The M9210-xxx-3 Actuators are direct mount, spring return electric actuators that operate with these available power options:

• AC 24 V at 50/60 Hz or DC 24 V (AGx, BGx, GGx, HGx)
• AC 120 V at 60 Hz (BAx)
• AC 230 V at 50/60 Hz (BDx)

These bidirectional actuators do...


The Fast-Acting, Two-Position Actuators are spring return direct coupled actuators (DCA) with an integral junction box for on/off damper control.


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