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Gas Valves

ASCO relay control panels were originally designed to New York City

Catalog No. 108D90C (replaces AEP 7200) provides similar features as the DC panels described above except for its 120/60 AC voltage output, and a key-operated switch with manual “on” and “off” buttons on the cover.

14 & 44

Selectra® systems from Maxitrol maintain precise, stable gas-fired temperatures. Selectra’s unique electronic Modulator or Modulator-Regulator valves control gas flow with instantaneous response and continual adjustment. They are the superior alternative to mod motors and butterfly valves....

173A19, 173A20

Catalog No. 173A19 (flush mounted) and Catalog No. 173A20 (surface mounted) consist of a momentary mushroom pushbuton labeled “Emergency Stop.”When button is hit, power to valves is shut off and they close in 0.1 second.


Catalog No. 216C89 consists of a key operated, normally open switch and a normally closed pushbutton mounted in a stainless steel faceplate for flush installation. “Gas Valve Control” is inscribed on the faceplate, and the switches are labeled “Open” over the key switch and“Shut” over the...

Model BV250

Ball valves from Maxitrol for gas, water, oil, steam and other applications have a strong body of forged brass, female NPT inlet and outlet, hard chrome plated ball, and anticorrosion Dacromet treated handle. BV602 models contain seats of Buna N, and are of one-piece construction. BV250 models...

Series 14

Selectra® Series 14 systems are designed primarily for make-up air heating, as components of direct fired equipment.A discharge air temperature sensor is mounted within a mixing tube
Amplifiers are available with low-fire start duration, and integral or remote temperature...

Series 44

Selectra® Series 44 systems are designed primarily for space heating, as components of direct fired equipment.

A wall mounted Selectrastat® senses space temperature and has an integral selector with either a 55º to 90º F or 40º to 80º F range. A discharge air temperature sensor (and...

SERIES 8040 - 8215

• Light weight, low cost valves for commercial and industrial gas burners
• Ideal for low pressure applications
• Provides high, flow, CV up to 138 (KV 118)


• 2-way normally open operation
• Unique double disc design with overtravel provides redundant sealing for leak tight shut off in the closed (energized) position (3/4” to 2”)
• Die-cast aluminum bodies
• Zero differential piloted diaphragm
• Valves provided with 1/8” NPT downstream pipe tap with plug for routine testing


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