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Bimetallic Renewal Kits
Blow-off Valve

Basic requirements for the design and use of blow-off valves are established by the ASME Power Boiler Code, Section l. The general form of a valve, the materials of its construction, allowable boiler pressures, and the installation of the valve are all determined by the code. Yarway blow-off...

Class 250 to 600
Class 300 to 2500
Class 600 and 1500
High Pressure Integral Strainer Trap Conversion Kits
High Pressure Integral Strainer Trap Renewal Kits
Hy-Drop Throttling Valve

Valves used for throttling services have always been subject to rapid deterioration in the form of erosion, cavitation damage, and wiredrawing of vital parts. Even venturi valves and other special configurations are vulnerable.

The Hy-Drop® Throttling Valve embodies a unique concept,...

Old Style Repair Capsules


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