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6104-WA-PDPM, 6105-WA-PDPS

The PROFIBUS Master protocol driver exists as a single port implementation. The driver can be configured as a Class 1 PROFIBUS Master to continuously interface with other PROFIBUS slave devices. The unit is also used for configuration of the nodes on the...


The RLX-IFH9E provides powerful and secure wireless Ethernet communications and is well suited for demanding, long-range (up to 30+ miles) SCADA and other Ethernet applications in tough environments. Operating in the license-free 900 MHz band, the RLX-IFH9E penetrates foliage and walls /...

RLXIB Series

The RadioLinx 802.11n Industrial Hotspot series provides wireless solutions for plant-floor and field automation applications. The Industrial Hotspot family provides the rugged performance and ease of deployment required for industrial applications. These 802.11n Hotspots use multiple-input/...


RadioLinx® Intelligent Cellular serial modems for Verizon Wireless’ USA network provide wide area wireless connectivity for industrial serial devices.

Use the RLXIC-SV Serial Gateway for applications requiring serial connectivity on cellular carriers that use CDMA (Code Division Multiple...

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