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L Series

A single patented sensor with multiple electrodes constantly measures flow profiles unlike single point flowmeters. Sensors available for 2 and 3 Taps Streamlined sensor shape does not disrupt water flow and has negligible pressure loss resulting in lower energy costs.

Series 21

• For boiler receiver tanks
• Direct mounting eliminates need for equalizing connections
• Proportional feed action
• Mounting Flange – six ⁷/₁₆ (11.1mm) bolt holes on a 5³/₄ (146mm) bolt circle
• Soft seat provides positive seal
• Maximum water supply pressure 150...


The McCrometer V-Cone Flowmeter technology accurately measures flow over a wide range of Reynolds numbers, under all kinds of conditions and for a variety of fluids. It operates on the same physical principle as other differential pressure-type flowmeters, using the theory of conservation of...

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