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Johnson Controls

A19 Series

The A19 Series are single-stage temperature controls that incorporate environmentally friendly liquid-filled sensing elements.

0 to 10 VDC Proportional Control

The A-4000 Series Oil Removal and Pressure Reducing Stations are available in single or dual PRV models in 10 or 20 SCFM (4.7 or 9.4 L/s) maximum flow capacities. In addition, each unit features a four-way bypass valve, coalescing and activated charcoal oil removing filters, and is completely...


The A-4400 Series Refrigerated Air Dryers are designed for continuous operation to supply dry air to pneumatic control systems. All components are selected and assembled to provide dependable service over a long period of time with a minimum amount of maintenance. The air dryer uses R-134a...

A11 Series

The A11 Series low temperature cutout controls incorporate a 20-foot long spotsensitive, vapor-charged sensing element. The A11 reacts to the coldest 14- to 16-inch section of the sensing element. The A11 is suitable for monitoring the face temperature of hot water coils for freeze protection....


Sturdy compact thermostat designed especially for temporary installations.


This is a wide range temperature control with rainproof enclosure, SPDT switch, and 5 F° fixed differential.


This is a wide-range temperature control with a special air coil sensing element and an adjustable mounting flange.


Remote bulb control with adjustable defrost termination temperature and preset fan delay temperature.


A SPDT, strap-on, surface type hot water control for direct or reverse action. Can be used as either an open high control or an open low control.


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