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The comprehensive line of Ashcroft® diaphragm seals will meet a wide variety of application or installation requirements. Over 30,000 variations are possible with the types, connections and materials available.


Ashcroft® Type 1005 gauges are available in 1½˝ through 3½˝ dial sizes. The full-view polycarbonate push-in window allows for better dial visibility. These gauges are commonly used on compressors, filter regulators, water pumps, beverage-dispensing equipment, paint sprayers and a variety of...


The Ashcroft® Type 1005P case is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), which is ideal for rugged applications and harsh environmental conditions. The 1005P gauge has a full-view polycarbonate window for better dial visibility. For applications requiring a high degree of corrosion...


1008S pressure gauges are field liquid fillable and field convertible for panel mounting. ASME Grade B, 3-2-3% accuracy is standard. The gauge is available dry, liquid-filled weatherproof or hermetically sealed and now with PLUS!™ performance option.


Type 1279 Duragauge® pressure gauge is offered in 4½" phenolic case for superior chemical and heat resistance. Solid-front case design with blow-out back for safety. Dry, liquid-filled, hermetically sealed, weatherproof or PLUS!™ options available. Field convertible to liquid-fill with...


Type 200 Welded
• Teflon gasketed, continuous-duty diaphragm capsule is welded to the top housing, which is then clamped to a bottom housing.
• Fill/bleed connection is standard.
• Top housing and pressure instrument are removable.
• Available in same process connections, materials, types and sizes as the Type 100 capsule design.
• Top housing is interchangeable with all standard Ashcroft® bottom housings.


This general purpose Ashcroft® switch series is ideal for use in virtually all Industrial and OEM applications.


Ashcroft® panel gauges offer attractive design, excellent readability, and a variety of dial sizes with a broad pressure range selection. The 1⁄4 turn heat-resistant polycarbonate window is available with a hot-stamped mirror band to simulate chrome to further enhance your equipment. The...


Ashcroft® Type 1008A gauges are synonymous with durability, flexibility and exceptional quality. The Type 1008A gauge enclosure is sealed to provide maximum protection in adverse environmental conditions. Both 63mm and 100mm Type 1008A gauges are available dry, field-fillable, glycerin filled or...


The 4-1/2" and 6" Ashcroft® Type 1009 gauges are suitable where ambient corrosion is a major concern. Its stainless steel case and ring offer good appearance and excellent resistance to chemical, weather and corrosion attack. This 1009 has many optional features that allow a user to develop a...


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