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WE Anderson
Series FSW

Series FSW Free-Floating Level Switch is a dual level switch designed for filling and draining of tanks, wells, and reservoirs. The shape and interior balance weight ensure impurities and dirt...

WE Anderson
Series L4

Rugged and reliable the Series L4 Flotect® Level switch operates automatically to indicate tank level. Perfect for starting or stopping pumps, opening or closing valves, or actuate level alarm...

WE Anderson
Series L6

Surprisingly compact, the Series L6 Flotect® Level switch is designed and built for years of trouble-free service in a wide variety of process liquid level applications. Operation is simple and...

WE Anderson
Series L10

The Mini-Size Series L10 Flotect® Level Switches combine low cost with top quality materials and construction for great value and years of reliable liquid level control. Wide media...

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