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Multitrend SX

The TVMUSX Multitrend Electronic Data Recorder represents the latest in displaying and recording process data electronically. The Multitrend SX uses a 12.1 inch digital color LCD display and...

Minitrend QX

The Minitrend QX uses a 5.5 inch digital color LCD display and fits the standard DIN cutout used by 100 mm [4.0 in] strip chart paper recorders. It provides such advance features as custom...

eZtrend QXe

The recorder accepts up to 12 universal analog inputs and stores data in 70 MB of available internal memory for later retrieval. The data is displayed on a five-inch color LCD with wide viewing...

TrendManager Suite

PC Application Software Configuration and Analysis Tool.

The TrendManager Suite software is a Windows based PC package that complements the Honeywell line of data acquisition products....

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