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Tridium SoftJACE SoftJACE


Now you can take advantage of the real-time control, dynamic graphics, and multi-protocol integration capabilities of Tridium’s Niagara Framework on the hardware of your choice. The AX SoftJACE makes it easy to address unique application needs such as rack mounting, extended temperature ranges, industrial packaging Windows environment. The SoftJACE provides all of the capabilities of a programmable controller, multi-protocol adapter, network manager, web server (with optional Web User Interface), data logger and alarm system in a single software solution.

You can run the AX SoftJACE on most Microsoft XP Professional®, Windows Server 2003 and other Windows compatible computers (except Vista). The AX SoftJACE communicates with external devices utilizing Ethernet-based protocols, and currently supports the industry’s most common standard protocols: OPC, BACnet IP, Modbus TCP, oBIX and SNMP. The oBIX driver (client/server) is included with the SoftJACE license, other drivers are sold separately.

The AX SoftJACE is available in a variety of capacities priced to meet a wide range of application needs. Capacity is measured based on AX resource units used by a Niagara station which is an indicator of the amount of points, devices, logs and graphics that you utilize when building an application. Two AX SoftJACE configurations are available as described later in this data sheet.

• Meet the needs of special applications – choose from the wide range of hardware platforms that support Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003
• Supports the most widely used system protocols over Ethernet: OPC, BACnet IP, Modbus TCP, SNMP, (oBIX Client/Server included; others sold separately).
• Supports optional Web User Interface – Serves dynamic, animated graphic displays directly to a standard web browser. No need for additional hardware or web servers.
• No need to install and manage “thick client” software applications to give your end users access to the critical real time information that they need. Access your system from anywhere with a standard web browser.
• A fully integrated station of a Niagara distributed-architecture system. AX SoftJACE nodes communicate with other AX SoftJACEs, VYKON embedded AX JACEs and AX Supervisors on a peer-to-peer basis when configured with the optional Enterprise Connectivity Service Pack (EC-SP-SJ).
• Use AX Supervisor software to aggregate multiple AX SoftJACEs into a unified system with centralized database storage, data logging and archiving, and alarm reporting.

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Cat #Descriptions
SJ-1M-AXAX SoftJACE software package with installation instructions, 10,000 AX KRu resource count limit. Package includes a CD and installation instructions. Includes oBIX client/server driver. Web server and Niagara connectivity included.
SJ-2M-U-AXUpgrade for SJ-1M-AX to increase Java resource count to 30,000 kRu resources.

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