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Tridium JACE-600 Vykon


The Vykon JACE-600™ (Java Application Control Engine) is a compact, embedded controller/server platform. It combines integrated control, supervision, data logging, alarming, scheduling and network management functions with Internet connectivity and web serving capabilities in a small, compact platform. The JACE-600 makes it possible to control and manage external devices over the Internet and present real-time information to users in web-based graphical views.

The JACE-600 is a member of the Vykon suite of Java based controller/server products, software applications and tools, which are designed to integrate a variety of devices and protocols into unified, distributed systems. Vykon products are powered by the revolutionary NiagaraAX Framework®, the industry’s first software technology designed to integrate diverse systems and devices into a seamless system. Niagara supports a wide range of protocols including LonWorks™, BACnet™, Modbus, oBIX and Internet standards. The AX Framework also includes integrated network management tools to support the design, configuration, installation and maintenance of interoperable networks.

• Embedded PowerPC Platform@ 524MHz
• Supports open and legacy protocols
• QNX Real-time Operating System
• Web User interface (standard) serves rich graphical browser presentations
• Run stand-alone control, energy management, and integration applications within the JACE-600 series controllers
• Supports two optional communications boards
• Optional 16 and 34 point I/O Modules

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Cat #Descriptions
J-600Base Unit including two Ethernet ports, one RS-232 port, one RS-485 port, one USB port, Web User Interface and Niagara Connectivity included. oBIX Client/Server driver included.
Platform: PowerPC 440 524 MHz processor
128MB DDR RAM & 128 MB Serial Flash
Optional 256 MB DDR RAM
Battery Backup
Real-time clock
Optional Communications Cards:
NPB-LON: Optional 78 Kbps FTT10 A Lon Adapter
NPB-232: Optional RS-232 port adapter with 9 pin
Dshell connector
NPB-2X-485: Optional dual port RS-485 adapter
electrically isolated
Memory Upgrade Option:
NPB-256: Upgrade RAM memory to 256 MB DDR
Operating System: QNX Real-time Operating System
IBM J9 JVM Java Virtual Machine
NiagaraAX 3.1 or greater

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