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Belimo G7 Globe Valve (Valve Body Only) 3-way, Flanged Connection

Globe Valve (Valve Body Only) 3-way, Flanged Connection

Mode of Operation: The control valve is operated by an electronic actuator that responds to a standard voltage for on/off control, a proportional VDC/4...20mA, or 3-point control system. The actuator will then move the plug of the valve to the postion dictated by the control signal thus change the flow.

Flow characteristic:
G6: A-port equal percentage
G6LCS: Linear
Sizes: 2½" - 6"
Type of end fitting: Flanged
Body: Cast iron
Stem: Stainless steel
Seats: Bronze
Stainless steel: G7..S
Packing: Bronze trimmed: NLP
Stainless trimmed: TFE V-ring
Pressure rating:
G7, 125# ANSI flange: 125 psi
G7, 250# ANSI flange: 250 psi
Media temp range: Refer to valve specifications
Maximum inlet pressure:
Water: 150 psi (1034 kPa) G7, G7S
250 psi (1724 kPa) G7...250, G7S...250
Maximum differential pressure (?P):
Water: 25 psi (172 kPa) G7, G7...250
50 psi (345 kPa) G7S, G7S...250

• Water-side control of air handling unit in ventilation and air-conditioning systems
• Water/Steam control in heating systems

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