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Belimo Fire & Smoke Actuators

Belimo Fire and Smoke Actuators


  • ISO 9001 Certified Quality Control and a 5-Year Warranty assure reliable operation with exceptional customer support.
  • 30 in-lb, 70 in-lb, & 133 in-lb torque assortment.
  • 24, 120, & 230 VAC availability to meet various wiring requirements.
  • 24 VDC (FSAF Only) with 2-position and proportional control to suit that special installation.
  • Our unique FSAF24-BAL actuator allows duct balancing capabilities from fire and smoke dampers.
  • Belimo FS Actuators are UL555 and UL555S listed with U.S. damper manufacturers.


The growing sophistication of fire and smoke dampers has introduced an evolutionary shift in damper actuation needs. Belimo’s FSLF, FSNF and FSAF product lines offer a broad assortment of actuators to cover the established range of system applications. To address the expanding use of active smoke control systems, Belimo introduced the proportional FSAF24-SR for stairwell, under-floor and other pressurization applications. Belimo continues to lead market innovation with its newest FSAF24-BAL for consolidating duct balancing applications with fire and smoke actuated dampers.

Belimo FSAF Series 133 in-lb

Belimo FSNF Series 70 in-lb 

Belimo FSLF Series 30 in-lb

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