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Belimo CCV™ Characterized Control Valves

Characterized Control Valves

The Characterized Control Valve (CCV) marks a true advancement in control valves. It combines the high close-off capabilities of a ball valve with a specialized disc that ensures a true equal percentage flow characteristic. Since its release in 1999, over 2 million CCVs have been sold in hydronic systems. The CCV offers a comprehensive Cv range for various applications such as air handlers, heating and cooling coils, fan coil units, unit ventilators and VAV re-heat coils.

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Cat #TypeCvInchesDN(mm)
B2072-way NPT0.3½15
B2082-way NPT0.46½15
B2092-way NPT0.8½15
B2102-way NPT1.2½15
B2112-way NPT1.9½15
B2122-way NPT3½15
B2132-way NPT4.7½15
B2142-way NPT7.4½15
B2152-way NPT10½15
B2172-way NPT4.7¾20
B2182-way NPT7.4¾20
B2192-way NPT10¾20
B2202-way NPT24¾20
B2222-way NPT7.4125
B2232-way NPT10125
B2242-way NPT19125
B2252-way NPT30125
B2292-way NPT1032
B2302-way NPT1932
B2312-way NPT2532
B2322-way NPT3732
B2382-way NPT1940
B2392-way NPT2940
B2402-way NPT3740
B2482-way NPT29250
B2492-way NPT46250
B2502-way NPT57250
B2512-way NPT65250
B2522-way NPT85250
B2532-way NPT120250
B2542-way NPT240250
B2612-way NPT6065
B2622-way NPT7565
B2632-way NPT11065
B2642-way NPT15065
B2652-way NPT21065
B2772-way NPT70380
B2782-way NPT130380
B2802-way NPT170380
B3073-way NPT0.3½15
B3083-way NPT0.46½15
B3093-way NPT0.8½15
B3103-way NPT1.2½15
B3113-way NPT1.9½15
B3123-way NPT3½15
B3133-way NPT4.7½15
B3153-way NPT10½15
B3173-way NPT4.7¾20
B3183-way NPT7.4¾20
B3203-way NPT24¾20
B3223-way NPT7.4125
B3233-way NPT10125
B3253-way NPT30125
B3293-way NPT1032
B3303-way NPT1932
B3313-way NPT2532
B3383-way NPT1940
B3393-way NPT2940
B3403-way NPT3740
B3473-way NPT29250
B3493-way NPT46250
B3503-way NPT57250
B3413-way NPT4640
B3483-way NPT37250
B3513-way NPT68250
B3523-way NPT83250
B6250S-1102-way Flange11065
B6250S-0702-way Flange7065
B6300S-1102-way Flange110380

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