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Belimo HTCCV High Temperature Characterized Control Valves

High Temperature Characterized Control Valves

Available with spring and non-spring return actuators, the HTCCV meets the challenges of space restricted applications, such as unit ventilations and fan coil units. In addition, with its sturdy construction and specially designed disc, it is the perfect solution for a steam control valve with supply pressures of 15 psig or less.

In order to ensure good stability of control, it is essential for a control valve to have an equal percentage characteristic. This type of characteristic produces a linear variation in thermal output according to the amount of opening of the valve (also known as the system characteristic). Under normal testing conditions a conventional ball valve exhibits an S-shaped characteristic. When it is installed in a real system, however, this characteristic is seriously deformed because, compared with its nominal size, a ball valve possesses an extremely high flow coefficient. Whether used with or without pipe reducers or a reduced bore, they do not normally allow stable regulation of the thermal capacity.

Belimo’s unique High Temperature Characterized Control Valve (HTCCV) is very different. A special characterizing disc inside the valve gives it an equal percentage characteristic which makes it out perform a globe valve of the same nominal size. The flow (the Cv value) is reduced to the required value by a combination of the hole in the ball and the shaped aperture in the disc. The increase in flow as the valve is opened is very slow and controlled, and it also reduces turbulence. This produces better part-load behavior and improved stability of control while also optimizing energy consumption.

● Fluid dynamically designed characterizing elongated disc reduces turbulent flow and improves efficiency of the system. 
● Maintenance free – no repacking required after being in service for an extended period of time. 
● Dezincificated brass body to ensure the mechanical strength and integrity of the valve in a critical steam application.
● Thermal isolating adapter between flange and actuator.
● Easy direct coupling of actuator with a single screw.
● Perpendicular mounting flange and square drive head eliminate lateral forces on the stem.
● Blow-out proof stem with thrust-bearing Teflon® disc and double O-ring design for long service life.
● Stainless steel ball and stem.
● Vent holes reduce condensation build-up.
● Forged dezincificated brass valve body — no pin-hole leaks.
● Characterizing disc — made of Tefzel® known for excellent strength and chemical resistance.
● Teflon® seats with O-rings provide constant seating force against the ball and reduce torque requirement.
● Actuator can be mounted in four different positions.

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InchesCat #CvDN(mm)Type
½B215HT0290.29152-way NPT
½B215HT0460.46152-way NPT
½B215HT0730.73152-way NPT
½B215HT1161.16152-way NPT
½B215HT1861.86152-way NPT
½B215HT2902.90152-way NPT
½B215HT4554.55152-way NPT
¾B220HT1861.86202-way NPT
¾B220HT2902.90202-way NPT
¾B220HT4644.64202-way NPT
¾B220HT7317.31202-way NPT
¾B220HT9289.28202-way NPT
¾B220HT132013.20202-way NPT
1B225HT4644.64252-way NPT
1B225HT7317.31252-way NPT
1B225HT116011.60252-way NPT
1B225HT185618.56252-way NPT
1B225HT280028.00252-way NPT

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