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Belimo B2...VS/VSS, B3...VS, B6...VS Industrial Ball Valves

Industrial Ball Valves
B2...VS/VSS, B3...VS, B6...VS

Available with spring return or non-spring return actuators, ball valves offer the solution for aggressive applications. The high close-off capabilities with high quality stainless steel trim allow these valves to be used in low and medium pressure steam applications and applications that operate with a higher media temperature.

• Bronze, cast iron and stainless steel ball valves with NPT and flanged connections.
• A range of fluid temperature rating ideal for chilled and hot water, and steam.
• Fitted with damper type rotary actuators for easy field assembly and installation.
• RPTFE seats allows valve to operate in high temperature applications.
• Full ported for unobstructed flow.
• Wide range of sizes and Cv for various applications.

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Cat #TypeCvInchesDN(mm)
B2050VS-012-way NPT1½15
B2050VS-022-way NPT2½15
B2050VS-042-way NPT4½15
B2050VSS-152-way NPT15½15
B2075VSS-302-way NPT30¾20
B2075VS-512-way NPT51¾20
B2100VSS-432-way NPT43125
B2100VS-682-way NPT68125
B2125VSS-482-way NPT4832
B2150VSS-842-way NPT8440
B2150VS-1772-way NPT11740
B2200VSS-1082-way NPT108250
B2200VS-3892-way NPT389250
B2250VSS-5032-way NPT50365
B2300VSS-3702-way NPT370380
B315VS3-way NPT4.8½15
B320VS3-way NPT11¾20
B325VS3-way NPT21125
B332VS3-way NPT3332
B340VS3-way NPT4940
B350VS3-way NPT91250
B650VS2-Way Flanged330250
B665VS2-Way Flanged42065
B680VS2-Way Flanged600380
B6100VS2-Way Flanged12004100
B6150VS2-Way Flanged33006150
B6200VS2-Way Flanged90008200
B6250VS2-Way Flanged1240010250
Control type On/Off, Floating Point, 2-10 VDC,
Multi-Function Technology (MFT)
Manual override LM, NM, GM, AM, SY, AF, GK
Electrical connection 3 ft [1m] cable with ½" conduit fitting
Service Chilled or hot water, (60% glycol), steam
Flow characteristic Modified equal percentage (2-way), modified linear (3-way)
Sizes ½" to 10"
Type of end fitting NPT (B2...VS & B3.. VS)
Flanged (B6...VS)
Body Bronze (B2...VS & B3...VS), Stainless Steel (B2...VSS), Cast Iron (B6...VS)
Stem Stainless Steel
Ball Stainless Steel
Packing RPTFE
Pressure rating Up to 2000 psig WOG
Media temp range
B2...VS, B3...VS -22°F to 280°F [-30°C to 138°C]
B2...VSS -22°F to 298°F [-30°C to 148°C]
Maximum inlet
pressure Steam
30 psi B2...VS
50psi B2...VSS, B6...VS

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