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Ashcroft T2 High Performance Pressure Transducer for General Industrial Applications

High Performance Pressure Transducer for General Industrial Applications

Ashcroft's Model T2 is a new Ashcroft pressure transducer that meets demanding requirements in general industrial applications.

• 0.25% accuracy class
• Ranges 30 psi through 20,000 psi
• Broad temperature capability
• All-welded pressure construction
• Proven polysilicon thin film sensor
• Precision ASIC based electronics
• High EMI/RFI immunity rating
• Highly configurable
• Voltage and current outputs
• Choice of electrical connections
• Optional panel meter digital display

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5Table 6Table 7
Table 1Type Configuration
T2T 2
Table 2Accuracy ±0.25% Static Accuracy Class (BFSL)
7±1.00% Total Error Band –20°C to +85°C,±1.50% Total Error Band –40°C to –20°C, 85°C to 125°C
Table 3Pressure Connection
M011⁄8 NPT-male
M021⁄4 NPT-male
MEK7⁄16-20 SAE-male
MS21⁄4-19 BSP male
MG2G 1⁄4 B male
Table 4Output Signal
151-5 Vdc
RM0.5-4.5 Vdc Ratio Metric to 5Vdc supply
161-6 Vdc
100-10 Vdc
050-5 Vdc
Table 5Electrical Connection
B4no mating conn.
F3w/6´ cable length
P1w/3´ cable length
F2w/3´ cable length
L1w/mating conn. 3´ shielded cable
H1w/mating conn., no cable
E2w/mating conn. & 3´ shielded cable
E0w/mating conn. no cable
EWno mating conn.
D2w/mating conn. 3´ shielded cable
D0w/mating conn., no cable
DNno mating conn.
Table 6Pressure Ranges
5000#5000 psi
30#30 psi
7500#7500 psi
10000#10000 psi
20000#20000 psi
30# & vac30 Compound psi/-14.7 Compound psi
45# & vac45 Compound psi/-14.7 Compound psi
60# & vac60 Compound psi/-14.7 Compound psi
85# & vac85 Compound psi/-14.7 Compound psi
100# & vac100Compound psi/-14.7 Compound psi
150# & vac150 Compound psi/-14.7 Compound psi
200# & vac200 Compound psi/-14.7 Compound psi
300# & vac300 Compound psi/-14.7 Compound psi
3000#3000 psi
2000#2000 psi
1500#1500 psi
1000#1000 psi
750#750 psi
500#500 psi
300#300 psi
200#200 psi
150#150 psi
100#100 psi
60#60 psi
50#50 psi
Table 7Pressure Type
GGauge pressure, vented housing
Static Accuracy Class:
±0.25% of span (BFSL Method) including linearity, hysteresis, non repeatability at reference temperature
Temperature Effect: Temperature Effect:
–20°C to 85ºC <±1% of Span – Total Error Band
–40°C to –20ºC <±1.5% of Span – Total Error Band
–85°C to 125ºC <±1% of Span – Total Error Band
Total Error Band includes the combined effects of non-linearity (Terminal Point Method), hysteresis, non-repeatability, temperature and zero offset and span setting errors. For higher performance availability consult factory
Stability: Less than ±0.25% span/year
Durability: Tested to 50 million cycles
Temperature: Storage: –40 to 125°C (–40 to 257°F)
Operating: –40 to 125°C (–40 to 257°F)
Compensated: –40 to 125°C (–40 to 257°F)
Humidity: 0 to 100% R.H., no effect
Vibration: Random vibration (20 g) over temperature range (–40° to 125°C). Exceeds typical MIL. STD. requirements
Shock: 100gs, 6 ms
Drop Test: Withstands 1 meter on concrete 3 axis
Response Time: Less than 1 msec
Warm-up Time: Less than 500 msec typical
Position Effect: Less than ±0.01% span, typical
Ratio metric Output 0.5-4.5 Vdc, 3 wire 5 Vdc ±0.5 Vdc 3.5mA
Current Output 4-20mA, 2 wire 9-36 Vdc
Reverse Polarity & Mis-wired Protected: Yes
Insulation Breakdown Voltage: 100 Vac
Insulation Resistance: Greater than 100 megohms at 100 Vdc
CE Compliance: Per EN 61326: 1997
+ A1: 1998 + A2: 2001, Annex A (Heavy Industrial)
Pressure Connection: 304 stainless steel
Sensor Material: 17-4PH SS
Housing: 20% Glass Reinforced Nylon, Fire retardant to UL94 V1
Available Process Connections (Male): 1⁄8 NPT, 1⁄4 BSP, 1⁄4 NPT, G1⁄4 B, 7⁄16-20 UNF-2A
For other connections consult factory.
Ingress Rating: Enclosure meets NEMA 4X, IP65

• Process automation
• Compressor control
• Hydraulic systems
• Engine monitoring
• Pump control
• Pneumatics
• Refrigeration equipment
• Presses
• Machine Tools
• Other general industrial applications

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