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Ashcroft K1 Thin Film Pressure Transducer/Transmitter

Thin Film Pressure Transducer/Transmitter

The Ashcroft® K1 is a proven and versatile pressure transducer/transmitter incorporating polysilicon thin film technology. Modern low-pressure chemical vapor deposition methods provide simple, stable molecular bonds between a proven metal diaphragm and a polysilicon strain gage bridge. There are no epoxies or bonding agents to contribute to signal instability or drift.

The integral metal diaphragm and polysilicon bridge are virtually unaffected by shock, vibration or mounting.

These transmitters are offered in many standard pressure ranges with either current or voltage output signals. Transmitter performance is directly traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology and specifications are conservatively stated. A calibration test certificate is available with each transmitter.

• 0.5% and 1.0% accuracy
• Vac.-20,000 psi pressure range
• FM approved and UL listed
• Superior long-term stability and repeatability
• Stainless steel NEMA 4X enclosure
• Current/voltage output
• Wide range of electrical connections available
• Optional panel meter digital display

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5Table 6Table 7
Table 1Type Configuration
Table 2Accuracy/TC
30.50%, ±0.014%/°F
50.50%, ±0.028%/°F
71.0%, ±0.040%/°F
Table 3Pressure Connection
FO9aminco 9/16-18-Female
MEK7/16 -20-M
F021/4 NPT-F
M021/4 NPT-M
F011/8 NPT-F
M011/8 NPT-M
Table 4Output Signal
151/5 Vdc
161/6 Vdc
111/11 Vdc
Table 5Electrical Termination
HMHirschmann miniature
C11/2 NPT-M Conduit w/36˝ Cable
B9WP Bendix 6-pin # PT02E-10-6P*
B8WP Bendix 4-pin # PT02E-8-4P*
B6Bendix 6-pin # PT02A-10-6P*
B4Bendix 4-pin # PT02A-8-4P*
F236˝ cable, shielded, PVC sheathing
Table 6Pressure Range
30*#0/30* psi
vac./0*#vac./0* compound psi
vac./15*#vac./15* compound psi
vac./30*#vac./30* compound psi
vac./45*#vac./45* compound psi
vac./60*#vac./60* compound psi
20,000*#0/20,000* psi
15,000*#0/15,000* psi
10,000*#0/10,000* psi
7500*#0/7500* psi
5000*#0/5000* psi
3000#0/3000 psi
2000#0/2000 psi
1000#0/1000 psi
750#0/750 psi
500#0/500 psi
300#0/300 psi
200#0/200 psi
150#0/150 psi
100#0/100 psi
60*#0/60* psi
15*#0/15* psi
Table 7Hazardous Area Approvals
XFMFM Approval Option
XULUL Approval
Accuracy Class (Span): Includes non-linearity ±.5% ±1.0%
(Terminal Point Method), hysteresis, non-repeatability, zero offset and span setting errors
Best Fit Straight Line (BFSL) ±.25% ±.4% (Includes non-linearity, hysteresis and non-repeatability errors)
Interchangeability ±.25% ±.6%
Durability: 108 cycles with negligible performance change
Temperature Limits Storage: –54 to 121°C (–65 to +250°F)
Operating: –28 to 82°C (–20 to +180°F)
Comp. Range: –28 to 71°C (–20 to +160°F)
Thermal Coefficients: (68°F (20°C) ref.) % Span/°F
Humidity: No performance effect at 95% relative humidity-noncondensing
Vibration Sweep: Less than ±0.1%F.S. effect for 0-2000 Hz at 20 g's in any axis
Shock: Less than ±0.05% F.S. effect for 100 g's,
20ms shock in any axis
Response Time: Less than 5 ms
Position Effect: Less than 0.01% F.S.
Power Requirements: 10-36 Vdc unregulated, <3mA for voltage output
Enclosure: NEMA 4X (NEMA 1 only if <500 psig if electrical termination is Bendix® or Hirschman®)
Weight: 2 oz. (approx. w/o cable)
Reverse Polarity Protected Supply Current: <3mA for voltage output
Case: 300 series stainless steel
Cable: No. 24 AWG, 36˝ PVC, shielded, vented,
UL approved
Diaphragm: 17-4 PH stainless steel

Hydraulic, refrigeration, machine tool, test/measurement, pump control, HVAC, medical, construction equipment and all general purpose Industrial process application

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