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Ashcroft ATE Handheld LCD Digital Calibrator

Handheld LCD Digital Calibrator

The Ashcroft® ATE-100 is a calibration system with a vast array of capabilities. These capabilities extend far beyond those of precision pressure measurement. The base unit contains a wide variety of application-specific firmware as well as the ability to measure both current and voltage inputs. In addition, this unit has the ability to interface the system with a computer, data acquisition system or dumb terminal via the standard.

• Interchangeable pressure and temperature modules
• Pressure measurement accuracies of ±0.025,0.05 and 0.10%, or .06/.07%
• Pressure ranges from 0.25"H2O to 10000 psi
• Supports most standard RTD probes and thermocouples
• Min/max, tare, flow, leak, programmable damping, percent function, trip detect, all standard
• High static DP measurement capability
• Optional: FM Approval for Class I, Div. 1, Groups A, B, C & D hazardous areas Data logging, Hi/low alarm relays

Dimensions 7.88 in. (L) x 4.24 in. (W) x 3.25 in. (H)
Weight Max. 2.2 lbs. w/2 pressure modules installed
Case Material High impact ABS
Sensor Module Capacity 2 bays for Ashcroft AQS "Quick Select®" sensor modules
Display 2 line LCD, 0.037 in. height per line. Can display simultaneous readings from 2 modules
Electrical Connection Miniature recessed banana jacks (one set of test leads provided with each ATE-100)
Operating Temperature Range Standard: 32° to 120°F
Optional: –4 to 120°F
Storage Temperature –4° to 158°F
Update Rate 130 ms (nominal) with one sensor installed
Resolution ±0.002% of span, 60,000 count (max)
Warm-Up 5 minutes for rated accuracy
Damping (Measurement Averaging) Programmable averaging from zero through 16 consecutive readings
Temperature Effect; Electrical Measurement ±.001% of Span per °F over compensated range
Serial Interface Type: RS-232
Baud Rate: 300, 1200, 2400 or 9600 selectable
Field Calibration Both Quick Select pressure modules and base unit electronics can be calibrated in the field via prompted keypad commands
Power Requirements Standard: (2) 9Vdc Alkaline Batteries (provides up to 30 hours operation per set)
Optional: 110 or 220 Vac transformer to power calibrator from line power
Certification N.I.S.T. Traceable certification document provided for base display unit and sensor modules
Pressure Types Gauge, differential & compound
Available Accuracies ±0.06 (0/2-0/200 in. H2O), ±0.07 (0/0.25-0/1 in. H2O) or 0.1% of Span
Compensated Temperature Range 20°F to 120°F
Temperature Effect ±.004% of Span per °F over compensated range (from reference temperature range of 70° ±3°)
Repeatability ±0.01% of span (range 0/1 in. H2O or higher)
±0.02% of span (ranges below 0/1 in. H2O)
Sensitivity ±0.002% of span (typical)
Media Compatibility Clean, dry, non-conductive, non-corrosive gas
Under/Overpressure Capability –15 to 50 psi
Maximum Static (line) Pressure 100 psi
Process Connection Standard: 1/8 NPT female
Optional: G 1/8 British standard
Other Options FM Approved (for use with FM approved base unit)
CE Mark (for use with CE Mark rated base unit)

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